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Vegan-Friendly and Super Stylin': Faux Mink Magnetic Lashes
Want the lightweight and fluffy feel of real fur without the animal involvement? Our faux mink magnetic lashes got you. Made from high quality synthetic fiber, they look and act just like the real thing. Maximum volume, loads of length and totally vegan (and mink)-friendly. What could be better?

Get The Nearly-Natural Look with Faux Mink Magnetic Lashes
You'd never guess our synthetic mink magnetic lashes aren't made from real fur. The thin fibers are just as delicate and light as our real magnetic mink lashes and come in a range of different styles, so you can find something for every day of the week. Our synthetic mink magnetic lashes are made for every time of day too. And, because they're super easy to apply, you can put one pair on at 9am for your big meeting and swap them out for a more dramatic look at 5pm.

Easy-Peasy Synthetic Mink Magnetic Lashes
Our faux mink magnetic lashes are as easy to apply as the rest of our pieces. Just start with our magnetic eyeliner in whichever color you prefer. It's full of pigment so you can get seriously dramatic wings and swoops, and is also full of magnetic magic that holds the small magnets on the back of our synthetic mink magnetic lashes in place all day and night. Slick on two layers for maximum magnetism, and feel the lashes gently attach to your eyelids. No need for sticky and messy glue. Oh, and if you're not keen on our colors, it works well layered on top of your favorite eyeliner. Easy.

Can't Choose? Check Out Our Lash Guide
From wispy daytime looks to outrageous evening aesthetics, we've got synthetic mink magnetic lashes to suit whichever style you want. It can be difficult to work out exactly which lash you need, so we've put together a Lash Guide to make picking the perfect set a whole lot easier. We've categorized them by shape, length and style with notes so you can see which are synthetic. There are also images so you can see how they look in action. So which of our synthetic mink magnetic lashes will it be?

Snap up One Of Our Faux Mink Magnetic Lashes Kits
Even with our Lash Guide, choosing just one set of faux mink magnetic lashes is too hard. That's why we've made it easy—and less expensive—to get your paws on all of our vegan-friendly faux mink magnetic lashes. Head over to our magnetic lash kits page and choose from our vegan kits. They feature our favorite synthetic mink magnetic lashes, all in one place. Some of our vegan-friendly magnetic lash kits also include magnetic liner, making them ideal if this is your first time using Glamnetic lashes. If you want to think outside the box, they're also a great gift for the animal-loving beauty fans in your life.