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Comfort Fit Lash Band

Power Grip Magnets

Reusable up to 60x



    5 stars

    "I love clean and simple as much as I love color, but French manicure is a nail style that doesn’t get old. Not to mention these nails are sturdy and easy to apply!"


The easiest lash solution on the market! Just apply the magnetic liner, align the lash with your eyelid, and drop it on.


Our proprietary INFINI-FLEX™ technology is created with human hair features for the most realistic vegan hair extensions.

Almost impossible to differentiate from human hair, it feels super soft, blends easily & helps the appearance of “healthy” looking hair.

Glamnetic Lashes

Highest quality vegan fibers for years of wear

Easy, fast & beginner friendly

Comfortable & secure application for all day wear

Looks & feels real

24/7 free expert color matching & happiness guarantee

Pre-styled & weatherproof

Zero damage or commitment

Other Lashes

Low quality synthetic fibers that tangle & stretch

Complicated & needs multiple steps, tools or products

Uncomfortable or does not hold

Shiny, plasticky look & feel

No personalized support & guesswork

Requires extra styling time & touch-ups with wear

Causes damage & long term commitment


“Whether you have hair concerns or you want to express yourself & boost your confidence with a fun and quick transformation that saves you time & money– Our hair can do it all in seconds while seamlessly blending in, so you can stand out. ”


I’ve never worn false lashes before. Will I be able to wear these?

Glamnetic lashes are easy to use and designed to be worn by people of all skill levels!

How many times can I wear these lashes?

With proper care, you can wear our lashes from 40-60 times!

How do I take proper care of/clean my lashes?

It’s really important to always clean your lashes after every use, in order to get the maximum amount of use out of them. After removing your lashes, make sure you clean the magnets on the lash by scraping off any excess liner that may have stuck to the magnets. Once they are clean you can place them back in their lash tray for safekeeping. Lastly, avoid watercontact with the lashes as they will lose their curl and shape.

Can I wear mascara with the lashes?

Yes! We do recommend applying a coat of mascara so that your natural lashes can blend in seamlessly with the magnetic lashes. It’s recommended to apply the mascara to your natural lashes before applying the magnetic lashes.

How do the lashes adhere to my eye?

The beauty of our magnetic lashes is that you don’t need any messy glue to apply them the way you do with traditional lashes. Our lashes adhere to your eye with the use of our magnetic liners.