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Collection: Cat Eye Lashes

Because Cats Flirt Better

Get your flirt on with our magnetic cat eye lashes. Gently tapered with longer strands on the outside, they elongate your eye for a foxy look. Choose from a range of lengths to find the perfect level of drama. 

Get a Dramatic Cat Eye Lashes Shape

Everybody's eyes are different, and our magnetic cat eye eyelashes are designed with that in mind. Use our filters to find shapes that will suit your face: whether you're looking for the best lashes for round eyes or a style that will suit monolid eyes. These lashes come in short, long and medium styles so it's easy to find one to suit the occasion. Choose long lashes when you're getting all glammed-up for a big party, a short cat eye when you want to add some foxy flair to your office outfits and medium-length for date night.

Discover Fluttery Lashes Made from Genuine or Vegan Mink

Our magnetic lashes are made from the best-of-the-best materials. Our vegan 'V' range is made from high-quality synthetic fiber that looks and behaves just like real mink. Soft, lightweight and fluttery, these cat eye lashes for round eyes are a truly beautiful alternative. If you prefer the genuine article, look no further than our 'L' range. These luxurious magnetic eyelashes are made from genuine mink. Silky smooth with a slight curl, they look as close to natural lashes as you can get.

Feeling Extra? Choose Our Colorful Lashes for Round Eyes

Most of our cat eye lashes come in classic black. After all, it goes with everything, looks fairly natural and works as well in the office as it does in the club. We all love being a little extra sometimes, and when you want to unleash your inner Queen our brightly colored cat eye lashes are the answer. Electric pink, deep purple and emerald green are a few of the shades you'll find in this statement collection.

Can't Choose Just One? Forget Indecision, Snap Up a Cat Eye Lash Bundle

It's fun to mix things up sometimes. It's also super satisfying to get everything you want with one click. That's why we've bundled some of our bestsellers together. Our magnetic eyelash bundles usually come with added accessories, like our must-have magnetic liner, as well as a discount compared to buying them separately (you're welcome). Some include different styles, teaming one (or two) flirty cat-eye styles with wispy lashes and natural shapes.

Switch it Up with Our Easy-to-Apply Magnetic Lashes

Another reason why Glamnetic is the best lashes for round eyes? They're super easy to apply. There's no fiddly glue tube to worry about. All you need is a steady hand with your magnetic eyeliner. Each pair of our lashes has six tiny magnets on the back. They'll detect and grip onto your liner for a hold that will last all day. Find out more about how to apply magnetic lashes.

Whether you want a subtle daytime look with a short style or prefer to amp up your look with a dramatic long lash, our collection of eyelashes for round eyes has something for every mood and attitude. No filter required.