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Collection: Natural Looking False Eyelashes

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    Collection: Natural Looking False Eyelashes

    Chic and Subtle Natural Looking Magnetic Lashes
    We admit it—we're wild about high impact lashes. But we know that sometimes the occasion calls for a more understated look. That's where our natural magnetic eyelashes come in. Made from fine synthetic fiber (and pure mink), they're designed to look just like what nature gave you. Only better.

    Natural Magnetic Eyelashes Made from Mink
    The absolute top tier, our mink magnetic eyelashes are the most gorgeous option out there. They look just like your real lashes — just with extra length and volume. Real fur lashes are also lightweight and quite fluffy so they don't weigh down your eyelids and they give you the ultimate flutter. We love using our natural looking mink magnetic lashes to amp up daytime ensembles. They instantly add a touch of glamour to simple make-up, giving your brunch or office outfits that certain je ne sais quoi.

    Natural Looking Magnetic Lashes Made from Vegan-Friendly Fiber
    If the thought of fur freaks you out, never fear. Our faux mink magnetic lashes look and feel just like the real thing. They're just as natural looking, but the fiber is synthetic—meaning they're perfectly fine for vegans and people with allergies. They are based on the finesse, look and feel of real mink so no-one will ever know the difference.

    Ultra-Easy to Wear and Natural Magnetic Lashes
    You don't need to change your morning make-up routine to add our natural magnetic lashes to your everyday looks. Just add our magnetic lashes liner into it. Highly pigmented—and available in popular colors like black and brown—the precision tip makes it easy to finely line your eyes. Or create big wings, if you want to go a little wild. Once you slick on two layers of the eyeliner our natural magnetic lashes will gently clip on thanks to the magnets on the back. You can use it alone, or layer it over your favorite eyeliner.

    Find The Perfect Natural Magnetic Lashes for Your Aesthetic
    We've got so many amazing natural magnetic eyelashes to choose from, so where do you begin? Our Lash Guide is a good place to start. This is where you'll find information about all of our lashes all one one easy-to-use page. At a glance you'll be able to see how long the lashes are, along with their shape and whether they're made from real mink or high quality synthetic fiber. You'll find natural-style lashes in all of our shapes, whether you're looking for rounded lashes with an equal length all round, a wispy lash with alternating lengths or a cat-eye shape that's longer on the outside.

    Switch between Natural and High-Drama with Our Lash Kits
    If you want natural looking magnetic lashes during the day and seriously dramatic ones at night, you can buy them all in one shot with our curated lash kits. Each of our kits feature two or more sets of lashes, giving you extra options when it's time to build your look. If this is your first time with Glamnetics, check out packages that include magnetic liner. Or, save money by building your own bundle and save as much as 35% on your new magnetic lash collection.