10 Beauty Tools You Need In Your Daily Routine


Your skincare routine is just as important as your makeup routine, if not more. Making sure you have the right beauty tools to have your skin looking fresh, healthy, and flawless is crucial to bring out your inner goddess! Whether you're looking for a new iron to add to your collection or you need new tools to shrink your pores, you're in luck. We have come up with the top 10 beauty tools that are a must in your collection, so stick around!

♡ GHD Unplugged Cordless Styler

We all know just how annoying irons can be with the cords getting hooked on every corner, and as soon as you pass the iron on your hair, poof, it's disconnected! Now you don't have to worry about fighting with cords anymore with this cordless, touch-up styler. You can expect to pay somewhere around $155 for this styler, but it's so worth it!

This little beauty is portable, so you can throw it in your weekend bag or your purse for a quick touch-up wherever you go. This little beauty will work overtime to give you gorgeous, straightened locks for up to 20 minutes at a time. Like every other GHD tool, it brings all the excellent features, and its hybrid co-lithium mechanism sustains optimal temperature, helping minimize heat damage. At the same time, the gloss plates provide a smooth and frizz-free outcome with up to 65% more shine.

♡ Sarah Chapman Pro Pore Refiner

Having clogged pores can be frustrating and impact how we feel about ourselves; we've all been there looking at the mirror, counting our blackheads, trying to squeeze them out of our faces. Luckily, we no longer have to deal with this stressful task that ruins our skin with cute little gadgets such as this one!

This beauty tool offers a double-ended, three-step extraction process that utilizes heat, ultrasonic vibrations, and ionic cleansing technology that help loosen those stubborn congested pores before extracting the debris and blackhead trapped in our pores. It removes up to 90% of blackheads, leaving your skin soft and skin having a tighter appearance after just one use. This magical wand can be yours for $184, something you might want to add to your Christmas list.

♡ DMH Aesthetics LED Light Shield Mask

You may have seen just about every celebrity wearing this futuristic mask on social media, and for a good reason. This mask uses red light therapy, helping rejuvenate the skin, while the amber and blue LED therapy targets various skincare issues that we encounter. 

The red light helps stimulate the skin's natural collagen and elastin production, reducing cytokines that cause inflammation. Blue light therapy reduces the bacteria and acne on your skin, and the amber light helps flush out waste from the skin, boosting lymphatic flow and increases cellular turnover. What's great about this is that it will leave your skin glowing, and since it's hands-free, you can do your errands as you refresh your skin and get work done. The price for this mask is $190, such a steal for all the benefits that it provides.

♡ Nurse Jamie Beauty Stamp Micro-Exfoliation Tool

Over the years, we have become obsessed with micro-needling, and now we have this adorable tool to make us even more addicted. This unique micro-exfoliation tool uses a tender 'press and lifts' technique, puncturing tiny holes into your skin that enhance the skincare products' dispensation while concurrently promoting skin cell renewal.

Now, I know this sounds intense, but it's noninvasive and will leave your skin feeling and looking fabulous, giving you the soft, smooth glow that we all desire. This little gadget costs $50, so it's worth investing in this beauty tool.

♡ Dyson Supersonic

The Dyson Supersonic has to be my favorite tool on this list, and I bet most of you will agree. This lovely tool makes blowdrying your hair that much easier and in less time with fewer chances of it damaging your hair. This futuristic-looking tool measures the heat flow 20 times per second, ensuring it never overheats for your hair.

The motor is so small that it fits in the handle and makes half the noise as other blowdryers as its design consists of the sound frequency being one tone higher than the normal audible range that we hear, making it less annoying to do your hair. So long are the days of getting tired holding the dryer as you spend hours doing your hair as this offers a lightweight feel, in addition to magnetic attachments to style your hair however you please. This fantastic tool is a bit pricier than most dryers, going for a price of $399.

 Foreo UFO 2

How great is it to have the same results as a spa right in your own home? Don't look too far; we have found the perfect tool to achieve that facial we all look forward to and get this, you don't have to leave your house!

This quirky little tool combines six unique technologies:

♡ Anti-aging red light therapy

♡ Acne-fighting blue light therapy

♡ Heating thermotherapy

    ♡ Cooling cryotherapy 

    You combine all these techniques with small Korean-made sheet masks, which help all the ingredients perforate into the dermal layers, and goes to work within two minutes; who wouldn't want that? Count me in! The Foreo UFO 2 costs about $279 and would make a lovely gift to any of your besties.

    ♡ Réduit One

    Between work, school and family, we all tend to get busy and have little time for self-care and relaxation, that is, until now. Get ready to lay your eyes on this multitasking tool sent from the beauty gods. Not only does it offer skin care treatments, but you also get to do hair treatments with the same product. It provides a luxurious experience with 20x less waste than other products. 

    You might be asking yourself, how do you get this tool to work right? Luckily, it's pretty easy. You choose the beauty pod you want to try out, apply it to the device, and spray your hair or skin. The misting technology perforates through the protective barrier on our skin and hair, allowing the treatments to get absorbed on a much deeper level.

    The wonderful thing about this tool is that it's for every skin and hair type, and they have various pods for whichever treatment of your choice. You can expect the price range to be about $152, so it won't break the bank, and you'll have a fantastic beauty tool that will help both your hair and skin.

    ♡ Allegra Magic Globes

    You have most likely seen these funny-looking little tools in the hands of many celebrities and influencers raving about these globes. These not only look magical, but they also are!

    The globes consist of Pyrex glass containing an antifreeze solution. They are by far the most straightforward product to use; all you need to do is pop them in the freezer to turn things up a notch on your facial day. Not only do they stimulate blood circulation, but it also helps oxygenate the skin. Applying the cold globes on your eyes will help if you suffer from tired, puffy eyes by reducing the inflammation around them.

    The more you include them in your routine, you'll notice how it strengthens your facial muscles, tightening the skin, and helps reduce the appearance of large pores on the face. If this doesn't get you obsessed, I don't know what will! They are such a great addition to add to your daily skincare regimen, and they're pretty affordable, with a price of $42.

    ♡ Shani Darden Skincare Face Sculpting Wand

    If you keep up with celebrities and their latest skincare trends, you'll know celebrity esthetician guru Shani Darden and her unique formulas to help nourish, plump, and make our skin glow. She recently released this magical wand that will bring your at-home facials to another level, bringing facial vibrations at your fingertips. 

    Its gentle waves perforate the skin and stimulate our facial muscles for a firmer and more contoured appearance. The wand works with the high-performance sound wave technology that focuses on wrinkles, reaching a deeper level, about 2.4 inches below the skin's surface. Its unique technique helps boost circulation in the face while optimizing your skin's oxygen intake. This cute wand comes with additional disc attachments, hydra prep gel, and a precision ball attachment to make your facial day as luxurious as possible. This enchanting wand can be yours for $399, so what are you waiting on? Get yours!

    ♡ Quasar MD Plus

    This tool looks out of this world and is a must for achieving that perfect even skin tone. It uses a red light technology developed by NASA, which helps wounds. The way it works is that the red light therapy triggers various reactions in your skin, allowing new collagen to form by increasing the energy in your skin. Over time, you'll notice a tremendous improvement in your skin tone, and it helps fade some scars as well. This wand helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and the more you use it, the happier you'll be with the results! While it's pricey, costing about $399, it comes with a lifetime warranty; think of it as a lifetime investment.

    All of these tools are awesome to have in our skincare routine and let's face it, we all want to feel our best not only for the world but also for ourselves to be the goddess we all have lurking inside. Have fun shopping!


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