10 Skincare Mistakes You Make Every Day Without Realizing

Taking care of our skin and making it part of our daily routine seems to be our latest obsession. And, with so many products out there, such as scrubs, toners, facial sheets, and masks, taking care of our skin has become our number one priority to look and feel our best, just like our favorite celebs. 

However, although you may make it a habit to take extra time to cover every aspect of your skin thoroughly, you might be guilty of making these common mistakes when it comes to your skincare regimen. Sounds scary, right? Don't worry, divas; we'll be going over the ten most common mistakes so that you can achieve that beautiful skin you've been wanting!

Not enough H20

Not drinking enough water is the main mistake we can make when trying to improve our skincare. We all know just how important staying hydrated is and how that affects our skin's appearance. It's the number one rule for every model and beauty guru we love and should be on our top priorities when it comes to improving our regimen.

Remember that our skin reflects what we put in our bodies, and the more we treat our bodies as a temple, the brighter and the more rejuvenated our skin will feel and look. If your skin is dehydrated, it will have a dull appearance, making your pores enlarged, and your fine lines pronounced. You want to make it a habit of drinking at least two liters of water a day, and while you're at it, drop a lemon wedge to cleanse your digestive system.

Not applying SPF while being outdoors

If you're craving beautiful-looking skin, then including SPF in your skincare routine is a must! The best bet is wearing an SPF of at least 30 with the best UVA rating if possible to get the best results for your skin.

There's not a limit as to the number of times you can apply it. It's best to put it on your skin every morning before hitting the streets, especially for those hot summer days. If you plan to be out catching some rays, be sure to re-apply the SPF every two hours, and remember that it takes the product around 20 minutes to activate. Always use sunscreen once you have finished your routine and before starting on your makeup regimen.

Using an overload of skincare products

I know it gets so confusing with so many skincare products out there to choose the correct ones for our skin's needs, especially when we see everyone raving about certain ones; it makes us want to stock up our beauty cabinets. Bust just how much is needed and when should we use them?

We tend to think that the more we use a product, the faster results we'll see. Well, I hate to be the one that breaks it to you, but that's not entirely true. We can unknowingly break our skin's protective barrier when overusing certain skin products containing active ingredients. Let's say you're using products that contain AHA'S and BHA's; the chances are that you're exfoliating your skin over the average suggested amount. 

Doing so can make your skin look red, more prone to breakouts, and have an uneven texture. Remember that less is more when keeping your skin calm and look vibrant when using active ingredients.

Ignoring your upper lip

Typically when we apply our face creams and serums, we go over every inch of our face, except our upper lip. I am guilty of this myself, and we have to realize how important keeping this area moisturized just as the rest of our face is since the upper lip ages faster than the rest of the regions.

I know this might sound insane, but skincare estheticians and beauty gurus will swear that applying eye cream to your upper lip will help boost collagen production and strengthen and tone your skin. I don't know about all you lovely beauties, but this is something I will be trying tonight.

Applying your products incorrectly

As we apply our products to our skin, we forget how fragile it is and tend to pull and tug our skin in various ways. This technique is the biggest mistake we all are guilty of making, especially if you're in a rush trying to finish your routine before heading off to work.

You should apply the products using motions upward to avoid pulling down or tugging the skin, gliding your fingers across the face going up with your fingertips lightly, moving from the inside of your face outwards.

When you're in the chin area, the best way to apply the skin care product is by using gentle strokes across the chin. The eyes should be the last area to work on, and you want to use light tapping motions which helps increase circulation in the eyes and helps boost lymphatic drainage, which helps tone the skin. 

Forgetting to take care of your neck

Just like our upper lip, we seem always to forget that our necks need love and attention too when doing our skincare routine. In skipping this section, we commit another big mistake since the neck starts to sag over the years and is prone to getting fine lines and wrinkles.

Any professional will tell you that the key to having a beautiful neck appearance is always to include your neck when doing your routine. You must add all the products you use on your face to your skin, primarily down to your cleavage or neckline. This trick helps you maintain a radiant and young, refreshed appearance on your neck as well as on your face. And always remember to use light upward motions as you would to your face for your neck, avoid any tugging or pulling down movements.

Layering products incorrectly

Learning the proper way to layer your products is a must when trying to have vibrant-looking skin. Misapplying the products will not allow the formulas to absorb into the skin entirely, not giving you the accurate results you're seeking. You must always apply the most lightweight product first to avoid them getting blocked by heavier formulas.

A great tip is to always wait a few minutes before applying the following product; that way, you're giving your skin time to absorb the product for better results. Waiting will help you avoid getting those annoying little balls that form under the surface when you've used too many products.

Now, you must remember that your daytime routine will never be the same as your nighttime regimen. When applying your daytime products, you have to keep in mind to keep your skin hydrated, protect your antioxidants, and use SPF for those sunny days. 

When it comes to the nighttime routine, you want to make sure to clean all the makeup, dirt, and pollution that your skin soaks up during the day. Using formulas that help maintain your skin protected while you sleep is crucial in your regimen. Using retinol and acid formulas is best to use when preparing the skin for nighttime.

Not removing your makeup before bed

Now we all can agree to be guilty of this huge mistake; I know I am! We all have been there on those busy days where we are so tired that removing our makeup seems like a huge hassle that we don't want to deal with at the moment.

Not removing your makeup is probably the worst thing that you can do to your skin! Not only does it not allow your skin to breathe, but you're welcoming acne to have a party on your face as well as inviting wrinkles along. 

Over time, this makes you look older than you are, leaving you with dull skin and puffy eyes; who wants that? Many of us mistake removing our makeup with water or those wipes that we see everywhere when in reality, we should be using makeup remover as part of our routine. If you use water or wipes to remove the makeup, you're not taking it all off. You're leaving small particles that clog your pores and increase the oil in your face, which is not a good look.

So to all my beauty lovers, take the time to wash off your face with a good makeup remover before laying that pretty little head on your pillow; your future self will thank you later.

Using the same pillowcase for weeks

Let's say that you follow every rule that we listed, and you're a pro at maintaining a good skin regimen; if you go two weeks without changing your pillowcase, all that work goes for nothing! Remember that our pillowcases collect dust, epithelium particles, and pet hair if you sleep with your furry little friend.

Just after 2-3 days, your pillowcase collects so many particles that your skin is prone to getting acne if left longer. The best thing to do is to change your pillowcase every two days to maintain a clean surface that your face will be touching at night, and if you can switch to a silk pillowcase, even better! Silk is known to help prevent wrinkles and protect your face from any rashes.

Not using toner

Using toners is a must to maintain the ph balance of our skin. It is essential after using potent formulas such as chemical peels to restore the skin after traumatizing procedures. Adding toners will also help how your body absorbs the moisturizers, which is a nice bonus.

Adding this product to your regimen will help you avoid the skin from becoming irritated and dry and protect it from rashes from certain products. You should avoid using any product containing alcohol since that can dry your skin cause certain unwanted irritations.

Following these ten rules will help give you that fabulous glow that you have been seeking, and if you know any more tips, then, by all means, go for it! Show everyone your skills while protecting your beautiful skin!


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