10 Smart Things Dermatologists Think You Should Do

If there’s anyone who knows everything about skin, it’s your dermatologist. They literally studied this stuff and they’re total experts in what you should (and shouldn’t) be doing as part of your routine. Here are 10 easy tips from your dermatologist that are all super-easy to fit into your daily skincare:

♡ Say Goodbye To Harsh Scrubs

Harsh scrubs, and exfoliating too often, could actually be damaging your skin. You shouldn’t need to do it and it certainly shouldn’t make your skin burn, sting or bleed. If you’re exfoliating to fight flaky skin, you might be better off dealing with the cause of it rather than over-exfoliating.

♡ Throw Out Anything That’s Expired

We get it, throwing away a product that you spent your hard-earned dollars on is no-one’s idea of fun. But using expired products could mean they may no longer be effective and at worst, they could cause breakouts and damage your skin. Ditch anything that’s expired and if it looks (or smells) weird, it’s gotta go. If you just don’t love it but it’s still in date and looks/smells ok, use it up on your face, décolleté and hands.

♡ Sometimes Your Skin Needs a Break

When your skin is struggling it’s tempting to pile on the products in the hope that something fixes the flare-up you’re experiencing. This can actually cause more harm than good as products conflict or it messes up your skin’s natural balance. Sometimes with skincare, less is more - do too much and your skin will let you know.

♡ Say Yes to SPF

You should be wearing and reapplying sunscreen daily. Yep, even if it’s not sunny, even if you’re not spending lots of time outdoors and even if your other skincare products contain SPF. Sunscreen should be the last step in your routine and you should be wearing SPF 40 or higher.

♡ Good Skin Comes From Within

A skincare routine is a must but it can only take you so far. A healthy, balanced diet with plenty of vitamin D-rich foods, vegetables and protein will help to nourish your skin from within. Start to build your glow in the kitchen.

♡ TikTok Isn’t Always Right

We love a Tiktok beauty trend as much as the next person, but some of them are downright dangerous and bad for your skin. If anything you see on TikTok seems wild or is really not proven anywhere else, use your common sense and speak to a dermatologist before you try it out. Prevention is better than a cure.

♡ Give It Some Body

It’s easy to get so focused on your face that you forget the rest of your body. Take time to regularly cleanse, scrub and moisturize your body, using targeted products for any specific concerns. If backne or shoulder zits are a problem, make sure you’re rinsing hair products from your skin properly as these can sometimes clog your pores in these areas.

♡ Beware of Blue Light

Too much screen time can play havoc with your skin. Not only can it disrupt your sleep and affect your eyes, but the blue light that our devices emit can also cause premature signs of aging like wrinkles and discoloration. Try and limit screen time but if you can’t, blue light blocking skincare, glasses and screens are out there.

♡ Keep An Eye On Your Skin

Being vigilant about your skin as a whole can make spotting changes much easier. If anything looks weird to you, or you have concerns about something on your skin, speak to your derm ASAP. Keep up with your skin cancer screening too, as picking up on skin changes early can literally save your life.

♡ Retinol is a Skin Superhero

Retinol isn’t just hype. It smoothes texture, tone and scarring, makes dull skin glow and even handles signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. It even stimulates collagen production in your skin, which makes it look more youthful and plump. Start out slow and take advice from your derm as it can be a little rough as your skin first adjusts - you’re never too young to start, just make sure you keep up with your SPF as it can leave you open to sun damage.


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