10 Spring Nail Trends To Sink Your Claws Into!

We’re so happy that spring is here! Winter’s so “blah.” We’re ready for sprouting flowers, singing birds, and most of all, warmer weather.

Another favorite part of spring? All the new trends! New hair trends, makeup trends, and of course, nail trends.  

We’ve got the top 10 spring nail trends to sink your claws into! Even better, you can find a piece of every single one right here at Glamnetic. Let’s get right into it!

Pastel Colours

Pastel colors are a classic spring nail trend and all-around fan favorite. I mean, who doesn’t love all of those easter egg colors? They just scream “Spring is here!” Hop into this trend with our Double Rainbow set or, for a little more flair our Aurora nail set.

Heavy Metal

Get heavy metal this spring with some shiny metallics like silver, gold, metallic pinks, and purples. This may sound like a funny spring nail trend, but metallics are HOT right now. Try it today with our metallic press on sets like Stardust and Winter Storm

Colorful French Manis

Another sure sign of spring? Rainbows! Bring this to your nails by going full rainbow with a multi-colored French manicure. Get in on this with our bright yellow UV Rays nail set or pastel purple Purpsicle nail set.  

Back In Black

It may be an unexpected spring nail trend. Spring is usually a time for colors that stand out. But, think about it. What stands out better than black? Plus, black goes with everything. Get in on this trend with our classic black Boba nail set. 

Hot Pink

Pink is a color that just shouts spring. Other than green, it’s the most common spring color. And with pink nails, you get all the girly vibes. Try this spring nail trend with our Juicy and Pink Soda nail sets.  

Coffee And Cream (Brown And White) Colour Combo

Now, you can bring your love of coffee everywhere with this spring nail trend. Nobody loves this trend more than Glamnetic. Get a full dose of this trend with our Cofee Date Nail Collection.   

Marbled Manis

Now, your nails can look tough as a stone too! This spring, you need to jump on designs like rose quartz or marbled stone. Our Golden Truffle Nails pair multiple trends in one, with marbling and metallics. Get them today!  

Animal Print

If you’re an animal lover, you’re gonna love this spring nail trend! Animal print is HUGE, as usual. Like cow print? Check out our Chocolate Milk and Strawberry Milk nail sets. More of a cat print person? See the Spotted leopard print nail set.   

Dressed In White

Spring is a clean slate for nature. And nothing says clean slate like white nails. It’s simple but oh-so classy! Make this trend easy with our Angel and I Do press on nail sets.  

Y2K Nostalgia

The classic aesthetics from the 2000s aren’t going anywhere in the 2020s. French manis, hot pink, and don’t forget the cheetah print! Get all the Y2K designs and colors with our Y2K Baby Nail Bundle and keep living in the best era ever!

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