2022 Nail Trends You Need to Try!

Finally, the new year is officially here; it's time to work on our vision boards and resolutions and start the year by getting into the hottest trends. And what better way than to welcome in the new trends than by exploring new nail designs to show off to your girls. Nails are easy to set a fashion statement amongst your besties, with new colors, techniques, and shapes. We've rounded up the top 10 nail trends to follow this year, so stick around!

 Blue Skies

We're all fans of the old-time favorite shades of blue for nails. You can experiment and do so many stunning designs all year long, and it's a color that will never lose its classiness. It's sure to brighten anyone's mood this new year!

Press-on Nails

Now I know what you're thinking, press-on nails? With the crazy recent years that we have had to live through, these nails are life-savers to us divas who are hesitant to visit salons and rather have peace of mind at home while still stunning with beautiful nails. Press-on kits have changed a lot since they came out, with beautiful, salon-looking designs that will have everyone asking you for the salon's number.

Lilac Valley

We can expect to see nail colors such as lilac fly off the shelves this year, such as Essie's Wink of Sleep shade. It's a beautiful color that will make you look gorgeous no matter what outfit you're rocking. Celebrity nail artists predict that this tone will be the color of the year, so better grab it before it's gone!

Milk Foam Trend

If you're not sure what the "milk foam" shades are, they are a combination of soft pinks and browns that will look great with anything that you'll wear. The great thing about this combination is that there are so many possible designs that you can play with that you'll never get tired of creating new styles.

Coffin Nails

We all know how fun it is trying out different nail lengths and shapes, and I'm glad to say that the coffin style is here to stay, ladies! This style is one of my personal favorites; anyone can be looking like a boss with its sleek look. In today's modern world, coffin-style nails are more relatable than the typical square style, and in my opinion, make you feel and look sexier too!

Elegant in Black

Whoever thought black nail polish is meant only for Halloween, think again! This year, you can expect more and more divas rocking the classic, all-black look. Both men and women look fierce yet give off an elegant vibe with this look. So don't be afraid of tuning in with your dark side this year.

Rainbow tips

Colorful manicures are here to stay, ladies! This year, feel free to think outside the box from the regular manicure tips and join the rest of the beauties who are mixing things up with a mix of colors to brighten up your day. You can choose one tone if you wish to keep it minimal or add personality to those nails and mix your favorite colors.

Stickers for your nails

Sticker designs are perfect for those divas who haven't had time to go into the salon with their busy work schedules and for those who aren't in the mood to fix them themselves at home. The stickers are so easy to put on and offer so many different themes to choose from; you'll never be bored with the endless possibilities!


You don't necessarily need a specific color to stand out and look fierce with the matte effect. You can make any color matte by adding a matte coat over the nails to transform them. Adding a matte top-coat over a metallic color will appear steel; you will get a satin finish with pearl shades and a velvet look mixed with cream tones. With so many styles to play with, this look will surely be a trend this year.

Bright Barbie pink

For those babes who love the bold, neon colors, then this color's for you! The beautiful, vibrant pink tones are sure to make a statement wherever you go this year. You don't have to only stick to the pink tones; you can feel free to go wild and choose any vibrant color this year, as they will be the talk of the year.

We hope this list helps all you beautiful souls out there in choosing your style of nails to follow this new year so that you can bring out that fierce babe that's waiting to come out and play!


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