3 Faux Lip Filler Hacks to Try

Fuller lips have been trending for over many years now.  They’re sexy and definitely give your lips a luscious, lustrous look. Getting fillers to make the lips look plumper is no big deal for those who can afford it, but how safe is this option?

Not only is it expensive, but lip fillers could also be quite risky and may cause permanent damage to the lip tissues. If it’s not done right, it also ends up looking unnatural; this a definite no for us.

Why put yourself through that stress when you can create faux fuller-looking lips using a couple of your makeup items? Using the DIY tricks we’ll share below, get your lips looking gorgeous in minutes!

Items You’ll Need

To create faux full lips, you need specific makeup items to help you create the appropriate look.

  1. Full coverage foundation
  2. Your preferred lip color
  3. Lip liner
  4. Ashy-colored contour cream
  5. Champagne-toned creme highlighter
  6. Nude lip gloss

Depending on your preferred hack, you may not need to use all of these items. Before you begin, go through the hacks to see what works best for you. Let’s begin!

3 Simple Hacks for Fuller Lips

Here are our 3 fave hacks to get you fuller-looking lips. You can choose one of them or try all three to see which gives you your best look. They’re easy to apply, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

1.    The Conceal & Contour Lip Filler Hack

Concealer and contour magic is not just for defining your cheekbones; it’s also a great way to enhance your lips.

To begin, use a full-coverage foundation lightly on your lips to give it an even finish, smoother lip color, and a clean template to work on. This makes an excellent base for your contour and lip liner to sit on nicely.

Next, take your contour cream and line just above your Cupid’s bow. Your Cupid’s bow is the top part above your lip that comes together to look like the letter “M.” Line from above your Cupid’s bow all the way along the line of your top lip.

Then go to the bottom lip and do a little overline with the contour cream just beneath the bottom lip line. Contour the lips inward, drawing towards the outer edges of the mouth but inside the lip.

Once you’re done contouring, blend it in just like you would normally. Your lips should have a fuller pout now; go ahead to apply your preferred lip color following the newly defined lip lines.

2.    The Lip Overline Hack

This is the most common hack that most pro-makeup artists use. The key to this hack is not to lay it on too thick. What we mean is, when using your lip liner to overline your lips, start small, then build the line gradually, so it doesn’t look unnatural -- rookie mistake.

Use a nude lip liner color to be on the safer side, especially if you’re new to overlining. Start by priming your lips for the liner; dab a light coat of full coverage foundation on the lips for an even look.

Next, outline just above your natural lip line, making sure the drawn lines (both top and bottom) are even and matching. Draw the lines to the outer lip area and connect them to create some extra lip area illusion.

Fill your lips with the rest of the liner, and blend it in nicely, fading it out towards the lip center. Color your lips with a matching lip shade, or you can go for one that’s just one shade lighter than the lip liner you’ve used.

3.    The Highlighter and Lip Shine Hack

If you prefer plump and shiny-looking lips to regular lip shades, then this is definitely your hack. Using highlighter and lip gloss, you can get your lips looking fuller and inviting. To start, add a hint of shimmer on your Cupid’s bow and also on your bottom lip. It gives it a wider, more open look.

Use a champagne-colored creme highlighter or a shade that is as close to yours as possible; it enhances the natural look you’re gunning for. For the finisher, dab some nude-colored lip gloss on your lips; the result? Shiny, fuller, irresistible lips. 

Final words

At Glamnetic, we’re all about making makeup preparations sweet and easy for you.

So, as you get your sultry eye glam on with our Glamnetic lashes, achieve fuller-looking, plumper lips without having to get long-term changes to your body.

These hacks will help you look good and natural, enhancing your makeup game. To ensure you get an even finish all the time, keep your lips healthy and supple.

Regularly exfoliate them gently with a mild sugar scrub and warm water and keep them protected with a safe lip balm.


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