5 Best Highlighters To Die For

Gone are the days when the only way to achieve an enviable and luminescent glow was from a 5-day cleanse. These days, highlighters are the holy grail of makeup because of its dewy and luminous effect on skin. Whether you’re going for a subtle or dramatic glow, a highlighter can do it all.

You might think that celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Zendaya have a great aesthetician and dermatologist on speed dial but the same glowy skin can be achieved with highlighters. Who says you need big money for glowy goddess skin? You can get that fabulous glow you always wanted without breaking the bank!

Take a look at these tried-and-tested cult favorites that have customers raving about the results.

Top 5 Highlighters For Every Budget

We’re suckers for makeup that can stand the test of time. Once we find a product we love, we’re happy to keep restocking our bathroom counters with the same tried and tested winners. Here are the highlighters we’re currently obsessed with:

#1. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil

Rihanna easily has the most glowy skin on the planet and now we know why. This cruelty-free highlighter delivers an attractive shimmer with a beautiful diamond-dusted effect. You will love how easy this vegan formula glides on the skin, leaving behind a trail of seriously gorgeous sparkle.

The product is formulated with a jelly-like compact powder that won’t settle unevenly on your skin. We love that it’s suited for all skin types and is available in four flattering hues. You can use this versatile highlighter on your décolletage or collarbone for a lovely glow.

Price: $‌53

#2. Benefit Cosmetics Cookie Highlighter

If there was ever a highlighter that could make our hearts beat faster, it’s this golden-pearl beauty right here. Benefit’s compact highlighter is perfect for those who want to achieve a natural yet noticeable glow.

The silky, soft-gold powder leaves behind a lit-from-within finish that looks great in any light. We adore the compact’s little built-in mirror and the round blush brush it comes with. It’s perfect for on-the-go touch ups and fits snugly in a purse.

Price: $30

#3. Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight

When we heard Selena Gomez released her makeup line, we were ecstatic to say the least! This young entrepreneur knows exactly what we need when it comes to all-day, non-greasy shine. The liquid highlighter glides on the skin like a dream, leaving behind a buildable, soft sheen that lasts all day. It doesn’t crease or settle into fine lines and sits beautifully over powder, cream, and liquid makeup.

This liquid highlighter for face is formulated with light-catching pearls that give the skin a chic finish. It’s available in eight gorgeous colors so you can pick the perfect hue for your skin tone. The highlighter comes in a sleek, travel-friendly bottle with a screw-on applicator.

We love that it’s cruelty-free, vegan, and suitable for sensitive skin.

Price: $22

#4. MAKEUP BY MARIO Soft Glow Highlighter

This soft-focus highlighter creates a magical glow and doesn’t appear cakey on the skin. The highlighter is formulated with microspheres and light-refracted pearls that settle over the skin like satin. You can say goodbye to powdery, patchy highlighters for good!

This highlighter comes in a clean, minimalist flip-top compact case that you can carry anywhere. If you’re wondering which is the best highlighter for fair skin, then this is it! The Opal and Pearl colors are perfect for light skin tones. Choose from five stunning colors to give your skin a dreamy glow in seconds.

Price: $33

#5. Dior BACKSTAGE Glow Face Palette

This Dior classic is hands down the answer to the question: what is a good highlighter palette? We totally get why runway makeup artists swear by this formula’s show-stopping luminosity. Whether you like an intense or subtle glow, this Dior face palette is formulated with pearlescent pigments to help you achieve enviable results.

The palette includes four different shades that can be used as a highlighter or blush. Sport a surreal glow or pretty flush with just a swipe or two of this lovely buildable formula. Choose from five skin-friendly colors that will take your makeup from day to night in a flash.

Price: $45

How to Apply Highlighter Like a Pro

If you’re new to highlighters, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Applying a highlighter can be tricky if you’ve never used one before. When done right, however, you’ll be inclined to incorporate it in your daily makeup routine.

Here’s how you can highlight your best features in under a minute:

  • Slow and steady: If you’re using liquid or cream highlighter, start with a tiny drop on the back of your hand. Use your ring finger to dab a little of the product at a time onto your face until you’re happy with the results.
  • Apply on elevated areas: Target the high points of your face — the cheekbones, brow bone, tip of the nose, Cupid’s bow, and chin. Dab a little product across these points in a brightly lit room so you know exactly how much you’re applying.
  • Less is more: Build the intensity of the highlighter by applying more only after the first layer settles. Some highlighters pack a serious punch so go easy on how much you apply.
  • Dab don’t rub: Swipe the product across the areas you wish to highlight and gently dab for a few seconds. Don’t rub the highlighter into your skin or it will settle into your pores or spread to other areas of your face.
  • Light it up: To add a glowy finish to your collarbones, shoulders, or cleavage, dab a little highlighter on the high points of these areas where the light falls naturally.

Highlighters are game-changers that can pull together a makeup look with the least effort. If you weren’t a fan before, our foolproof list of the best highlighters for every budget will totally change your mind. At Glamnetic, we believe in trying new things that allow us to put our best faces forward.

Which one is your favorite highlighter? We’d love to know!


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