A Guide To Determining the Shape of Eyes

Did you know that there are several different eye shapes? Eye shape can determine which pair of glasses look the best on you, which set of false eyelashes accentuate your eyes best, and even which eye makeup technique you should use.

Eye shape is everything. Knowing your shape can help you in making some big beauty decisions. There are six main eye shapes. Each shape is determined by a genetic trait, just like the color of your hair or eyes.

Remember, these are just shape types. All of us are unique, so it’s definitely possible to fall in between two shape categories at the same time. Let’s talk all things eyes, starting with the shapes. 

Types of Eye Shapes

  • Almond: Almond eyes are longer in width than they are round and the corners are neither upturned or downturned. You will have a visible crease in the eyelid, and the iris of your eye will touch both the bottom and top of your eyelid. Almond eyes can easily pull off some dramatic, bold looks.
  • Deep Set: Deep-set eyes create the illusion of a more prominent brow bone because the eyes are more recessed into the sockets. The more prominent brow bone can overshadow the eye. Deep-set eyes benefit from a brighter eye makeup look that will make the eyes pop.
  • Hooded: Hooded eyes have a heavy brow bone and a deep-set crease. This makes the eyelid appear smaller. This shape is very common and can really pull off a gorgeous bold brow. Hooded eyes become more prominent as we age.
  • Monolid: Monolids don’t have the natural arc-shaped crease between the eyelash and the eyebrow. This gives the appearance of having one eyelid fold. These types of eyes appear smaller, so makeup and lash trends that give the illusion of a larger, bold eye are great options.
  • Round: Round eyes appear to be the largest. Usually, the whites of the eye can be seen around the iris. The corners are rounded and not turned upward or downward. Eyeliner is a round-shaped eyes’ best friend.
  • Upturned: Upturned eyes have a classic oval shape with a natural upward tilt to the outer corner of the eye. This shape is very common.

  • Downturned: Downward turned eyes have a natural downward tilt to the outer corner of the eye. This shape is also very common.

Makeup Tips by Eye Shape

There are so many different tips and tricks out there on how to create the perfect glamorous eye effects. If chosen poorly, colors, glitters, metallics, and false eyelashes can do your look more harm than good. Makeup is definitely not a one-size-fits-all.

Almond Eye Shape

For almond eyes, the goal is to open the eye up with your technique. 

An eyelash curler is great for this. By curling your lashes, you are opening the appearance of your eyes and you avoid making them look small. False lashes are also a saving grace for almond eyes. This eye shape can pull off pretty much any length of lashes.

Almond eyes can really rock a smoky eye. Shadows that get darker on the outer corners of the eyes look exceptionally well on this eye shape. 

If you want a brightened effect, use a highlighter under the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye to make your eyes pop.

Be careful; too much eyeliner can cause almond eyes to appear smaller. Opt for a thin line on the top for a glam, classic look, or create a bold wing effect on the outer corner by giving the liner a thicker flick upwards.

Deep Set Eye Shape

Try to avoid darker colors in the crease of your eyelid. This can create the illusion of a more recessed, deep-set look. Opt for nudes and lighter colors of shadows on your alluring deep-set eyes. This will brighten the eye and bring it forward.

Deep-set eyes also benefit from a good eyelash curl or false eyelashes. Curled lashes bring the eyes forward, front, and center. 

Hooded Eye Shape

For those of you with hooded eyes, try to only line the upper lash line with a thin line. Hooded eyes have less real estate to work with when it comes to the eyelid. 

The brows tend to take center stage with attractive hooded eyes so make sure that you show them some special attention by creating an arch and filling them in with brow powder or pencil.

A light color shadow is great underneath the brow bone for hooded eye shapes too.

Eyelashes for hooded eyes should be bold, but not too long, as they may overpower the eyelid. Experiment with your look until you find what you like.

Monolid Eye Shape

Monolid-shaped eyes look great with a smoky eye look. Keep dark, smoky colors tight and close to the lash line. Enhance your monolid by creating a thicker line of eyeliner in the center of the upper lash line and drawing it straight out on the ends, rather than upwards.

Shine and glitter can create a nice, bold look to accentuate your beautiful, unique eye shape.

If you choose lashes, they should be short or medium in length. Cat eyelashes are super flattering on this eye shape.

Round Shaped Eyes

If you’ve determined that you have round-shaped eyes, then a cat-eye eyeliner that extends out past the upper eyelid is very flattering for you.

By focusing a smoky shade on the middle of the eyelid and blending outward, you can create the illusion of an elongated eye. 

Play up the outer corners by using a darker color there. This will create a smudged smolder effect. Round eye shapes look great with any length of lash.

Upturned And Downturned Eye Shapes

  • Upturned - Emphasize your beautiful upturned feature by using a deep color on the outer corner of your upper lids to balance the shape. You can use the same shade along the lower lash line.

  • Downturned - Draw the eye upward by applying shadows and liner in an upward sweep. Cat eyeliner is beautiful on this eye shape.


Regardless of which eye shape you were graced with, eyelashes are flattering to any shape.

There are many types of lashes, including extensions, lash strips with glue and magnetic lashes.

Glamnetic has created a handy lash quiz that will guide you to the perfect lash set for your eye type. 

Our lashes are super easy to apply, waterproof, latex-free, and paraben-free. The magnetic liner and lashes come in many colors too! 

You choose your length, finish, and opacity. There’s a lash for everyone!

If lashes aren’t your thing, check out the accessories that help make your daily beauty routine just a little more fun.

Now that you have learned which eye shape you possess, it’s time to go create new looks that are all so individually, you.



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