Are Press-On Nails Safe?

Hey, fellow press-on nail connoisseurs! We're about to dive into a topic that's been buzzing among trendsetters: press-on nails! These super convenient, style-savvy alternatives have been all the rage. But are they safe? Uncover the truth once and for all about the safety of your favorite press-on nails.

To answer the question simply - it’s a yes! 

Press-on nails definitely have a clear advantage over traditional acrylics and other artificial nail enhancements. Unlike acrylics, which require drilling and filing, press-on nails are a gentler option that won't damage or weaken your natural nails. 

The application process of press-on nails doesn't involve any harsh chemicals or aggressive techniques, reducing the risk of nail thinning, brittleness, or potential infections. But like all beauty go-to’s, it’s always best to follow some routines to keep your nails as healthy and flawless as possible.

Never Skimp On Quality:

Let's spill the tea on what makes press-on nails safe. It is key when choosing your press-on nails to grab only top-quality styles. Glamnetic has got your back (or should we say nails?) with non-toxic, skin-friendly materials that keep your nails healthy. Plus, they're lightweight and durable—because who wants heavy, flimsy nails when you can slay all day?

(Left: @Disseynails in Honey Bun; Right: @Pop_polished in Checkmate)

Nailing Your Nail Health:

We know you want your natural nails and the surrounding skin to stay in tip-top shape. If any nail is inflamed or damaged, give them a break until they’re back in tip-top shape. Giving your natural nails some well-deserved breathing time between applications is always important. It’s also ideal to use nail-care essentials to help your cuticles and natural nails strong and ready for your next look!

(Left: Cuticle Oil, Middle: Cuticle Pusher, Right: Nail Strengthener)

Hygiene Hacks:

Remember to keep press-on nails squeaky clean! Avoid prolonged water exposure, regularly check for any signs of lifting or damage, and if needed, give 'em a little TLC with a good scrub and a thorough dry for later use.

All in all, by opting for press-on nails, you can enjoy trendy, eye-catching manicures without compromising the health and integrity of your precious natural nails - and without breaking the bank, too!


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