Ask Ann: How to Apply Magnetic Lashes Perfectly Every Time

We get it; we all have those pressing makeup-related questions we need to ask but just don’t know the right person to. So, we’re here to answer your questions and give you insight into using the best makeup products or applying makeup the right way every time and any day.

Send in your questions to us through any of our social channels, and we’ll continue to bring answers to you directly from our CEO, Ann. Here’s a question from one of our GlamFam answered below:

Dear Ann,

I really need to know, how can I get the perfect magnetic lash application on every try? I need a few tips, please! 

~ Sheila A.

My Reply: The Perfect and easiest way to apply magnetic lashes

Magnetic lashes are a safer alternative to other types of lashes that you have to stick on with glue. Your eye area is protected since you’re not applying it with glue, which could be dangerous and damaging to the eye.

If you apply your magnetic lashes correctly, you can expect them to stay in place all day long! Check out the steps I take to get the perfect lash look every time with my Glamnetic lashes.

Step 1: Start with the instructions

Many of us are guilty of simply diving into applying makeup without taking a minute to check on the package for instructions for use. The first time I applied magnetic lashes, I paused for a minute to get a quick idea of the how-to-use instructions. 

This saved me a ton of time during the application process, cutting it down to only about a minute. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro; specific instructions help give you an idea of how to work the product.

Once I got the instructions out of the way, I didn’t have to go over them with every use.  

Step 2: Apply a coat of mascara to your lashes

In my subsequent lash applications, I realized I needed something to help me keep the lashes in place as I position them on my eyelid. So, before applying my lashes, I lightly coat my natural eyelashes with mascara to give them a little structure to receive the magnetic lashes. 

It gives the lashes something to hold on to when you set the lash on the Glamnetic eyeliner.

Step 3: Line your eyes with the Glamnetic eyeliner

After giving my eyelashes a coating of mascara, I use my Glamnetic eyeliner to draw a simple line on my eyelid, close to my lash line. I try not to go on too thick to make the base of the lash line look as natural as possible.

Since the eyeliner only acts as a base where the magnetic lashes will get attached, you don’t want it to look obviously fake or unnatural, so go easy. Just use enough to hold the lashes; start from the inner corner of your eyelid to the outer corner, not too much. 

Step 4: Apply the Glamnetic lashes on the magnetic liner

To get the most natural-looking lashes, applying on the top eyelash line only is the easiest way to go. With my magnetic eyeliner in place, I simply pick up my lashes and apply them onto the magnetic strip of eyeliner.

Here’s a quick tip I use: I use our lash grab and start by setting the lashes on the eyeliner in the middle right on top of the eyeliner. Next, adjust the outer corners and fit the eyelash in place so that it rests well on the eyeliner. Finally, adjust the lash on the inner eye corner until the entire lash sits pretty on the eyeliner. 

Repeat the above steps for your other eye.

Step 5: Give yourself a lookover

Lastly, before I walk away from the mirror, I always check to see if both lashes are sitting on properly aligned and not skewed. If I notice anything amiss, I simply grab the edges of the lashes with our lash grab and gently pull to adjust. 

Voila! Now, you can step out in style every time. 

Magnetic lashes and eyeliner make life easier and safer for every Glam queen out there. Personally, the reusability and fast application process make it the best choice for me and the biggest reason why I wanted to create this brand for you all. 

Have fun! 

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