Best False Lashes To Wear For A Wedding

So you’re attending a wedding and you want to upgrade your looks to show-topping levels, right? And if you are the bride, the more so!  To make this happen, you need false lashes. I mean, not everyone is gifted with naturally long and full fringes!

This centuries-old beauty hack will make your eyes— and your wedding day— sparkle to new heights! That’s the  power of false lashes.

Even from a one-meter distance, natural looking false lashes can do wonders to your face. And when it comes to posing for photographs or selfies? You’ll never regret investing in a pair.

Here, we help you pick the best false lashes for wedding look!

How To Pick The Best Lashes

It’s not wise to simply pick a random pair of lashes to wear for a wedding. There is art and science in picking which pair is the best for you.

What to consider when shopping for lashes to suit your face, you must consider the following:

♡ Eye shape

♡ Length

♡ Style

♡ Material

    Different Types Of Eyelashes

    Beauty brands offer a variety of natural looking false lashes to suit your needs. We love the false lashes from Glamnetic, because they offer many options— narrowing them down to fit your needs. Their lashes are paraben-free, smudge-free, and wearable up to 60 times.

    The best part? Quick and easy, because they are magnetic lashes— which means, just attach and go! Perfect for those who hate using glue (because, really, they’re messy!) and wants a quick-and-easy glam look!

    Glamnetic lashes differ in material, lenght, shape, and even style. Here’s what the false lashes brand offer:


    ♡ Vegan
    ♡ Mink


      ♡ Natural
      ♡ Medium
      ♡ Long

        Eye Shape

        ♡ Almond
        ♡ Round
        ♡ Hooded
        ♡ Monolid


          ♡ Half lash
          ♡ Cat eye
          ♡ Wispy round 

            These eyelashes, paired with your stunning dress, will make your eyes bigger, your lashes thicker— and you’ll look amazing on wedding snapshots!

            How To Apply Magnetic Lashes

            Whether you’re a first-timer or a long-time lash-enthusiast, you need to achieve the fullest potential of your fake lashes and apply them like a pro! Here are nifty tricks on how to apply false lashes.

            Again, we can’t gush enough how easy it is to apply magnetic eyelashes. With Glamnetic, the entire procedure only takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute. So if you’re in a rush, or a pretty impatient gal,  this is the best false lashes to wear for a wedding.

            ♡ Do your eye makeup

            ♡ Apply the Glamentic magnetic liner

            ♡ Attach your magnetic eyelashes with a tweezer

            ♡ Check your glamorous self in the mirror

              Beauty Should Be Effortless

              A wedding is a busy, hectic, ultra-social event. You want everything about your looks to be perfect— your hair, your dress, your makeup, teeth, and even your shoes. But you also want to be comfortable, relaxed, and not thinking about yourself too much.

              This is why we believe beauty should be natural and effortless. Your fake eyelashes for wedding day should be secure, smudge-free, waterproof, and natural-looking. You should not have to worry about them falling into your glass of champagne, or going askew, or suddenly dangle while chatting up with someone.


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