Cindy’s Shocking Discovery Changed the Way She Does Makeup

Messy, daunting, time-consuming - that’s how many women view putting eyelash extensions to be.

Events planner Cindy Hartmann shares that putting on makeup used to take much of her time. She struggled with false lashes in particular, which required her to get ready for client meetings 30 minutes to an hour earlier than usual.

“I have really short eyelashes, so I found false lashes great for opening my eyes and making them look prettier. But the time it takes to do everything, from putting the glue on your lashes, to attaching the extensions to my lashes and making sure they are well-aligned and fully dry before I go, just eats up a lot of time.

As a mother of two, Cindy did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy lashe done by professionals, so she just kept using glue-on falsies, which were a lot cheaper - although obviously with trade offs. “One time, I came in late for a client meeting, because not only did the glue accidentally get on my dress, it also got in my eye. It burned. I thought, ‘There has to be a better way to do lashes than this.’”

That was when Cindy made an amazing discovery that forever changed the way she does makeup: Glamnetic magnetic eyeliner with eyelashes.

Cindy’s Shocking Discovery Changed the Way She Does Makeup

Magnetic Eyelashes vs Glue: What Cindy learned

One of the things Cindy loved about magnetic lashes is they are done completely glue-free and only take seconds to put on. “It’s just like part of your makeup routine. You put the magnetic eyeliner on your lids like you do with normal makeup. Then, you attach the lashes where the liner is, and you’re good to go. You don’t need glue and you don’t need to wait for it to dry. It saves me a lot of time,” she enthused.

The Glamnetic magnetic lashes work because of magnetism between the eyelashes which have 5 tiny light weight magnets on them and the magnetic eyeliner which has iron oxides in it which is FDA approved and safe to use around eyes. Due to these advantages—safe, easy, and fast—there is no need for glue – which doctors also warn about due to their toxic components.

And even if you accidentally get some of that magnetic eyeliner on your eye or lash, it’s 100 hundred percent non-toxic and safe and won’t cause skin irritation or burning.

Glamnetic eyeliner dries instantly and remains smudge-proof and water-proof for the remainder of the day. Your lashes will not fall off while you’re working or out for appointments.

Cindy also says that comparing magnetic eyelashes vs glue, she found magnetic eyelashes do not affect her lashes the way glue-on extensions do. “I used to lose a few lashes whenever I put on and remove the extensions. They say it will grow back in six to eight weeks, but it also freaked me out. It doesn’t look too good when my lashes are bare. Now, I don’t worry about that with magnetic lashes.”

With glue-on kits, glue is placed on your natural lashes; then, false lashes on top. The strain that such everyday routine puts on your natural lashes does not only make your lashes dry and brittle, but also causes them to fall out.

Magnetic eyeliner and lashes are only placed on the eyelid, so you never have to touch your natural lashes. This ensures they remain healthy and intact.

For Cindy, the best part of switching to the magnetic lash system is the time she saves. “I don’t have to wake up super early to do my makeup. If I’m tired, I can use that time for extra sleep, create event plans for my clients, or to spend more time with my kids. That’s something you can’t replace.”

If you’re thinking of switching to a magnetic eyeliner and eyelash system like Cindy did, our article on 5 Reasons Why Women Are Switching Over To Magnetic Lashes gives you a rundown of the features of magnetic eyelashes vs glue

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