Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Many people wear makeup to enhance their looks and help them appear pretty, flawless, and perfect. Makeup done well makes your skin glow, look healthier, and more attractive. 

But what happens when you wear makeup and come off looking almost horrible? Your brows don’t sit right, your lips look overdone, and your mascara just doesn’t sit pretty on your eyelashes. You have tried working with expensive and different types of makeup products, but you’re still not getting the look you want.

If you’re not much of a makeup enthusiast, there may be certain makeup mistakes you’re making that may be causing your makeup disaster. 

6 makeup mistakes you should avoid

After trying different makeup looks and you are still not getting the flawless, natural yet glam look you desire, then you should check to see if you’re making any of the following errors. They will help you fix your makeup routine to up your makeup game. 

♡ Not preparing your skin

Your skin is your canvas, the surface where you present your glam look, and so you should avoid wearing makeup on a skin you haven’t prepped for it. To start with, your skin needs to be properly exfoliated with a gentle scrub. A scrub that is too rough will leave your skin sore, bruise, or irritated. 

Once you’ve gotten your skin to a fresh, smoothened texture, moisturizing is next on the list. Add layers of rehydration to your skin, preferably starting with a sheet mask (if you have the time), then finishing with rehydrating serum.

All of this is simply to improve the elasticity and suppleness of your skin so that it is well receptive to your makeup.

♡ Using the wrong shades

Another dire mistake many people make when using makeup is to wear the wrong shades of makeup. This could range from foundation shade to contour shade and even blush. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing a shade to wear. For instance, choosing a foundation shade can depend on the season. Many people tend to get darker during the summer as opposed to the winter, so wearing the same shade you use in the winter in the summer can throw off your look. 

The same applies to choosing a blush color. Wear lighter blush shades in the winter and slightly darker in the summer. Also, make sure to test your foundation color on your jawline and not your hand, which may be lighter than your facial skin.

♡ Mixing matte makeup products with dry skin

Since matte products like foundation and lipstick already give a dry look, it is absolutely absurd to wear matte products on already dry skin or lips. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. 

To get a complete, sweet look when wearing your matte foundation or lipstick, only apply it on supple, exfoliated skin. If you’re worried that using moisturizer right before applying matte products may ruin the effect, then try using a primer first.

♡ Forgetting about your neckline

As you apply your foundation and powder on your face, remember to blend all the way down to your neckline. When your foundation gives your face a slightly darker look, having a lighter neckline makes you look ridiculous, so blend until everything is even.

♡ Going heavy on both eye and lips at the same time

The rule of thumb when applying makeup is to choose your bold statement. Is it your eyes you wish to accentuate? Do so without adding other screaming details to the rest of your look. If you would prefer bolder lips, then tone down the eye makeup a little. 

Let the occasion help you decide which one you would like to go all out with. When in doubt, try an all-natural neutral shade to help you tone things down.

♡ Heavy contouring

The contour game is simply a total fail for many people, despite the many hours they spend on YouTube learning to do it. The best type of contouring is a natural, simple look that only accentuates your looks. Avoid trying to look like a completely different person with contour and going overboard. It hardly ever turns out well.

Wearing makeup doesn’t have to be a fail.

Continuously practicing how to wear it while avoiding the above-listed makeup mistakes will give you a better look every time. The key to a flawlessly made-up face is to follow makeup tips from your favorite makeup sage, use makeup products that match and suit your skin, and wear looks you are comfortable in.


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The one mistake I make that is not a simple fix is finding a nude color for my deeply pigmented skin and lips. It’s either too pink, too red, too yellow or something inbetween. It’s a huge fail. Many times I have to go to companies that cater to my skin tone like Mented or Juvia’s Place. There are some others out there too. Remember nude is NOT universal. Glamnetic please come out with Mocha Nude nails (please & Thank You)

D. Lene Adams

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