Cream vs Powder Blush? Which Is Better?

Choosing the right blush can be tricky when trying to achieve those natural rosy cheeks without ending up looking like you work for the circus. Let's face it, clowns are fun, but we don't want our makeup to resemble them either, right?  

You want to reach that natural flush to give you that flawless finish and avoid looking cakey. Not sure where to begin? Don't worry; we'll be discussing the difference between the two to simplify things for all you beauties, so stick around!

When it comes to choosing blushes and the different types that exist, it comes down to knowing what's your skin type and knowing the look you're trying to achieve. They both are great, and neither one is better than the other; it's all a matter of opting for the one that completes your look.

Pigmentation Differences Between The Two

Powder blushes are typically heavier on pigmentation than cream blushes, making them challenging to work with, especially if you have fair skin. Applying too much can throw off the subtleness you want to grasp when it comes to using blushes.

The trick to using high pigmented blushes is to use a stippling brush and apply using light hand strokes as this type of brush picks up less of the product to allow for more control of how dark you wish to make your cheeks. 

If you're working with light pigmented blush tones, it's best to use a big fluffy brush to make the application process more accessible and precise.

On the other hand, cream blushes are sheerer and easier to customize the pigmentation to your liking. Cream blushes allow you to have more control of the finished look and are easier to maneuver.

For cream blushes, you can grab a blush brush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks, using an upward motion. Don't worry if you don't own this type of brush; you can use your fingers and follow the same steps.

Setting Time For Both Cream and Powder Blushes

It's best to apply powder blushes once you have set your makeup with a setting spray, especially if using a liquid foundation. If you add the powder blush before allowing your makeup to settle, you risk pigmentation streaking, making it impossible to blend the product for a flawless look.  

The powder may also settle into oily patches and look blotchy, which isn't a good look.

If you're using cream blushes, the same rule applies to this type of product. You would apply it over your foundation and before setting the look with powder.

Cream blushes settle in quicker than powder, making it a difficult task to remove. You can avoid streaked cheeks by quickly blending them by using your fingers or a stippling brush.

Staying Time Between The Two

With powder blushes, you don't need to worry about retouching your cheeks on a night out, as the pigment tends to stay on longer than when using cream blushes. 

Cream blushes can typically last anywhere from six to seven hours, depending on your skin type, so you might want to bring them with you on date nights to touch up your look.

Again, this is where the setting powder comes in to save the day when you want the blush pigmentation to last throughout the day or night. Keep in mind that setting powder may remove some of that dewy look that cream blushes provide.

Finished Product 

Since powder blushes tend to absorb excess oil off your face, they are ideal for those who have oily/ combination skin types, leaving you with a matte, polished look.

For those who have more dry, mature skin, your go-to should be the cream blushes as they offer moisture to your skin. Cream blushes provide a dewy finish and give off the illusion of having younger, fresher-looking skin with a more natural finish.

If you're contemplating whether or not you can use both blushes at once, the answer is yes! Applying both the powder and cream blush will leave you with a long-lasting glow appearance and add an extra touch of color to your face.

The way that you would apply them would be to use the cream-based powder first as a base, adding a similar tone in powder form on top. Using both blushes is an excellent alternative to date nights to avoid any touch-ups and reduce the colors' budging risk. 

Be sure to experiment with both to see which looks better on your skin and which type brings out your inner beauty! Have fun exploring your options until next time, my goddesses.


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