What’s in Glamnetic’s Eyeliner? Is it Cruelty-Free?

Have you ever wondered about what’s really inside the formula of your favorite makeup? So many products have labels stating that they are cruelty-free, but what does that really mean? 

Eye makeup, including mascara, liquid eyeliner, and gel eyeliner, has ingredients that may or may not be harmful. It is essential to know which types of formulas you’re using around your eyelid before you make a purchase because while some makeup is perfectly safe, some is not. 

Let’s take a look at why Glamnetic eyeliner is cruelty-free, what’s in it, and how to use it.

What Is Glamnetic Eyeliner?

Glamnetic eyeliner comes in two different formats: a magnetic felt-tip eyeliner pen and a magnetic liquid liner.

Both formulas contain common ingredients found in many other skincare and makeup products. The main element that causes the magnetic lash attraction is iron oxide.

What Is Iron Oxide?

Iron oxide is the main ingredient in Glamnetic magnetic eyeliner and many other cosmetics. Iron oxide is FDA-approved, non-toxic, and is safe for use in cosmetics. 

In fact, iron oxide is a very common ingredient found in most cosmetics and sunscreens since it provides pigment. Allergic reactions to iron oxide are not common, but they aren’t impossible.

If your skin or eyes are sensitive or prone to allergies, test our eyeliner on a small patch of your skin (an area other than the intended location) to test for allergies or irritation. This is called a patch test, and it will show if you are allergic or sensitive to the product you are testing. Make sure to test on an area of hidden skin, such as your inner arm.

Glamnetic Magnetic Felt-Tip Pen Eyeliner

The Glamnetic Soo Future! Magnetic Liner Pen is designed to draw precise lines on the upper lash line. This liner is perfect for creating angles and the perfect, clean cat-eye. Our waterproof formula doesn’t smudge or make a mess either, and it glides across the skin for a precise line. The felt-tip on the magnetic eyeliner does not require sharpening, which makes it super convenient and easy to use. 

Our eyeliner pen is available in classic black and many other fun on-trend shades. These colors include Pink Ruby, Purple Jade, Blue Sapphire, and Green Emerald. We’re sure you’ll be obsessed with these gemstone pigments, especially since they apply without skips.

Glamnetic Liquid Liner

Glamnetic magnetic liquid liner is a highly pigmented matte black, containing a brush tip perfect for creating bold and natural looks. You can use the brush to draw the liner onto the lid for a winged eyeliner on the upper lash line. 

This liquid liner is much easier to use than eyeliner pencils or those messy glitter gel liners that come packaged inside a glass pot. A waterproof makeup remover is recommended to remove this liner also. 

Is Glamnetic Magnetic Eyeliner Cruelty-Free?

Yes!  Glamnetic is proud to offer magnetic eyeliner that is not tested on animals. We are cruelty-free!

You may have seen or heard the words “cruelty-free” in many places, but do you know what it actually means? Cruelty-free means that the product is developed in ways that do not include experimentation on animals. Hooray!

How to Use Glamnetic Magnetic Eyeliner

The magnetic felt-tip eyeliner and the magnetic liquid eyeliner are used similarly for a smooth application. Just remember never to apply the liner to the bottom lash line or around lower lashes. 

If the liner happens to migrate to those areas or you make a mistake, simply grab a q-tip dipped in micellar water or waterproof makeup remover and wipe it off. You can also use an On-The-Go Oopsies makeup remover swab or SOO Clean makeup remover pen to correct the mistake.

You don’t have to be a makeup expert to apply Glamnetic magnetic lashes and liners. It is also easy for beginners! Magnetic eyeliner is used just like you’d apply regular eyeliner. To apply Glamnetic magnetic liner and eyelashes, follow these steps:

  1. Trim your magnetic lashes to fit the width of your eye. Apply the magnetic liner across your upper lash line where the lashes will adhere. Start by applying the liner in small strokes and fill in thicker where it’s needed. You can create a winged eye in the outer corner if you want a bold look.
  2. Lay the magnetic lashes over the magnetic liner and gently press down to ensure the magnetic connection between the lash and liner is strong.
  3. If you are using lash anchors, apply them now to the inner and outer corners of your lashes, making sure your natural lashes are sandwiched between the faux lashes and the anchor.
  4. When you are ready to remove your magnetic lashes, gently pull them off starting from either corner. Clean your skin with waterproof makeup remover. 
  5. To clean your faux lashes, carefully remove the dried liner from the lash band and use a waterproof makeup remover to clean the band. Never allow your falsies to get wet. Store your falsies in their original box in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to flaunt them again.

Will Regular Eyeliner Work With Magnetic Lashes?

No. Regular eyeliner will not work with magnetic lashes. Magnetic eyeliner is the magic that holds your lashes on all day. It is necessary to apply magnetic eyeliner for your fluttery faux lashes to adhere to your lash line. 

You can apply regular eyeliner to your lower lash line if you’re wearing magnetic lashes. This extra eyeliner application will give your eyes even more definition and drama. Mix and match eyeliner colors on the top and bottom for a sleek, trendy look.

Can You Wear Mascara With Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes?

Yes and no. Never apply mascara to your false lashes. Doing so will damage the delicate fibers and possibly cause them to clump and shed. 

These mink and vegan lashes are made of lightweight, premium hair that should be handled carefully. Each lash set can be used multiple times if they are properly cared for. 

If you feel like your natural lashes need a slight darkening before you add your new magnetic falsies, then apply a very thin coat of mascara and allow it to dry. After the mascara is dry, apply the magnetic lashes. 

If you decide to apply mascara, it is crucial to use a very thin coat, just enough to darken your lashes slightly. If your mascara is too thick, then your natural lashes will not blend seamlessly with the false lashes, and there will be a definite distinction between your lashes and the fake ones. 

Make sure that your mascara is completely dry before attaching your magnetic lashes to the magnetic eyeliner. Drying will help avoid your natural lashes from sticking to the faux lashes.

Why Choose Glamnetic Eyeliner & Lashes?

Glamnetic magnetic eyeliner and lashes are designed with you in mind. Our lashes are on-trend and fit beautifully on any set of eyes. You can even take the lash quiz or check out the lash guide to find out which lashes are the perfect fit for you. 

We offer natural lashes and bold, dramatic ones. Whether you’re a lash connoisseur or a first-timer, we’ve got a set for you!

It takes only one minute to apply our lashes, and they can be reused again and again. This fact makes them less costly than lash extensions applied at a salon and way more cost-effective than traditional lashes that get covered in glue after a wear or two. 


Glamnetic magnetic liner is cruelty-free, waterproof, paraben-free, and latex-free. So you can wear our eyeliner without the worry of irritation or allergic reactions. 

It is vital to make conscious choices about the products you buy. You can do your part by purchasing cosmetics and other items that are labeled as cruelty-free with the Leaping Bunny logo. 

Glamnetic products offer on-trend styles that you can feel good about wearing every day.  


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