Warning: Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

We’ve all been there. That dreaded moment, metal-lash-curler-from-the-drugstore- turned-weapon still in your hand as you slowly pull away to inspect the damage you’ve done. Eyelashes, everywhere but on your lids. Utter devastation.

It is far too easy to accidentally pull out a few eyelashes. When that happens, your instinct is usually panic. Will my eyes still be protected from debris? What do I do with the evidence? Was this my fault for how heavy-handed I was with my lash glue last week? 

And most importantly, what the hell am I going to do about how I look?

Take all of that stress and pack it away for a few more seconds because we are here with good news. Yes, your lashes will grow back and will probably be just as full and voluminous as they were before, if not better, with proper treatments and care. Here’s how to tackle the mistake of a lifetime that is far more temporary and less catastrophic than it seems. 

So, What Happened? 

As you stare at yourself in the mirror and rethink all of your life decisions, particularly those concerning what you’ve chosen to allow near your lashes recently, consider if there are other environmental factors that may have contributed to this mistake.

Harsh Application and Removal 

While applying mascara, it is important to understand that the heavier the product and more layers rest on your lashes, the greater chance they will dry out and break off. It is also more difficult to remove mascara when it is clumpy, increasing the intensity of how you rub that makeup wipe on your lashes which can pull them out. Always take off your makeup before you go to sleep—rubbing around a pillow with brittle lashes is certain to snap them. 

Pro tip: Avoid waterproof mascara, as it is harder to get off and needs to be rubbed harshly for removal. 

Health Issues 

Sometimes, mass exodus of eyelashes can be a marker of a more serious problem. These can include autoimmune diseases like alopecia, lupus, hyperthyroidism, and scleroderma. Chemotherapy also promotes hair loss in the body. 

Hormonal Shifts

Did you know that stress can make your eyelashes fall out? Telogen effluvium is the medical term for this effect, where nerves can release large amounts of the hormone cortisol and get in the way of your normal hair growth cycle. Stress can also incite Trichotillamnia, a condition related to compulsive picking and plucking of hair and skin. 

Pregnancy, menopause, and your period can also disrupt your hormonal balance and often cause eyelashes to go amiss!


It is very possible for your mascara to be irritating to your eyes themselves, as well as your lashes. If you get contact dermatitis, it can fuel itching, which can lead to rubbing your lashes too harshly and losing some. Additionally, an allergic reaction can help you to drop a few lashes. Make sure you check the ingredients in any makeup you’re using before application. 

Understand (and Trust) the Natural Process

Eyelashes grow and fall out in rotations. There is nothing to fear if you see a few stray hairs left on your cheek throughout the day. We lose one to five eyelashes every 24 hours! 

Most humans have 100-150 upper lashes and 50-75 lower lashes per eyelid. This makes the daily loss insignificant for the way your lashes look, so you may not notice. There are three phases in the lifetime of an eyelash; anagen, catagen, and telogen phase. During the anagen period, which lasts around two weeks, your lashes grow. The catagen period is a time of change for the lashes to move them into the four to nine month telogen phase, where lashes settle and prepare to shed for regeneration. 

The complete eyelash cycle lasts somewhere between five and 11 months. Every three months, you should be able to visually recognize new lash growth. In fact, every day, your lashes increase anywhere from .12mm and .14mm. 

Speed Up the Process

You’re not entirely helpless in eyelash regrowth or bound by the timed cycle. Keep reading to learn what you can do to support lash growth. 

Diet With Purpose

It sounds crazy, but proper nutrition can be manipulated for many physical changes you want to see, including for your lashes! Protein-based foods like nuts or meat give off amino acids, which create keratin. Keratin is needed for strong and thick hair growth, including in your lashes! Biotin also produces keratin and can be found in cauliflower, onions, whole grains, and kale, among other foods. 

Fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A and C are used for collagen production, which your hair needs for regrowth. Iron shortens the catagen period and moves the regrowth cycle ahead quickly in individual lashes. 


You can find gels and serums in your local drugstore for affordable eyelash-indulgent options. Castor oil, jojoba oil, and even olive oil can help condition your lashes in the winter months when the environment dries them out and leaves them prone to snapping off. Moisture makes the hairs flexible to avoid this. 

Adjust Your Lash Routine

If you’re using false lashes, especially if you’re doing so to replace thin and sparse lashes during regrowth, make sure you get all of the adhesive off. This goes for eyelash glue as well as magnetic liner. Slide your magnetic lashes away from each other delicately, because ripping them apart can scar your hair follicle, which will hurt your chances of full regrowth. 

When applying magnetic lashes, place them roughly one centimeter from the inner corner of your eye to avoid irritation that could cause you to rub your natural lashes underneath and lose some. Tweezers are great from removal and putting them on, as it reduces the harsh pull of your much-stronger fingers. Gentle makeup remover is safe to take off any residue left of the liner after removal, as well as a gentle scrub in the shower with soap.

Take off all of your eye makeup with a remover that has an oil base and is not harsh. Make sure that all of the skin around your eyes is sanitary, avoiding the risk of infection that could clog your lash line pores. Just soap is enough for this. Moisturizers should be avoided around the area as well. 

You Have Options With Your Lashes

As unfortunate as ripping out your lashes can be, it is important to know that lashes that split or break are expected to fully grow back in six months. A full pull from your roots can rejuvenate in as short as two months! Adequate care and attention to diet can be enough to fix even the worst mascara faux pas or lash curler incident. Never curl your lashes in a risky situation, like a moving car or on an airplane! 

At Glamnetic, we take great pride in our magnetic lash line offerings. All of our magnetic eyeliner has been tested extensively for safety purposes, and the formulas do not differentiate from a traditional mascara or eyeliner you’ve used before. The main ingredient, iron oxide, is actually non-toxic. You can apply our products after a swatch test with full assurance. 

However, if you are unlucky enough to take out a chunk of your gorgeous, natural lashes, there is absolutely no need to panic. With so many options, we’re sure you’d look amazing rocking our innovative magnetic lashes in exactly the style you want, in the meantime!



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