Don't Make These Common Beauty Mistakes!

Learning to execute a perfect wing-eyed look is probably the highest skill you can achieve in the beauty world. Each diva is unique and beautiful in different ways, so we can't use the same techniques for every eye shape to get that sexy and fierce look.

Let's face it, you can have the perfect shade and type of eyeliner that snatches and emphasizes your eyes, and making a wrong move on the angles can dramatically change the look on your face. So, before picking up that liner, you must carefully analyze the curves of the eye shape to avoid any mistakes.

The great thing about eyeliners is that they offer endless ways of using them and expressing your creativity to bring out that fierce diva that's waiting to shine through. And while we tend to use our face to explore our inner artist, we usually go back to our old favorites; the classic sexy attention-grabbing winged eye.

Because we all are born with different eye shapes, getting that snatched eye that your best friend is rocking can get tricky but don't lose hope! The beauty of this is that it takes time and lots of experimenting to know which style suits your perfect features to have you looking and feeling confident and beautiful.

We'll be discussing some tricks to find the perfect wing for your eye shape to make them the center of attention wherever you go. The critical thing to remember is to have fun trying out different styles and designs along the process until you stop at the one that makes you feel like the divine beauty you are. Remember that no one has your eyes or eye shape, and that's what makes you stand out in the world!

Now my beauties, let's get right to it in discussing the different eye shapes to help you understand which ones you have and how to make those eyes pop.

Almond eyes

Those individuals with almond eyes have an almost symmetrical eye contour, shaped like an almond, hence why they got their name. Some might have a somewhat lifted outer corner appearance on the upper or lower lids with this shape.

Tips for almond eyes

The beauty gods have blessed you if you have almond eyes! You can rock any wing style that you please, lucky you!

If you want to try out the cat-eye, you'll start by drawing a fine line on the inner corner of your upper lids, and as you move towards the outer corner of the eye, you'll begin building the thickness.

Making the wing slightly raised will help emphasize the natural uplift of your eye shape, so if you're thinking of showing a more dramatic look, go for it!

Round eyes

Divas with round-shaped eyes have a striking appearance as they are usually pretty significant. This appearance is due to the equal length and width, making the whites of the eyes that much more visible.

 Tips for round eyes

You want to accentuate these eyes by creating a smaller wing or creating an illusion of added width by making the wing longer, making it flare out. You accomplish this by starting to draw the focus to the outer corner.

You'll start by creating the line about 1/3 of the way from the outer corners, making the line horizontally long with a flick. If you prefer to go more dramatic for your look, grab a dark eyeshadow and begin lining your lower lash line 1/3 of the way into the eye, joining the upper wing. You can add details if you like to elongate the eyes to make them have that dramatic touch. 

Hooded eyes

As the name states, those with hooded eyes have a visual hood created over the eyes via the brow bone. Getting the perfect winged look can be complex when having this shape and can get pretty frustrating to achieve that snatched eye you want to get.

Tips for hooded eyes 

Hooded eye shapes are indeed a bit complicated as everyone's eyes crease in different areas. Since it can be minor or very hooded, most of the mobile lid is covered, making your wing eye altered right when you open it.

The main thing you need to focus on is the outer corner, applying a thin line above the lashes to conserve as much lid space as possible. Starting from the outer third and narrowing it out is enough to give you that steamy wing to enhance your eyes and make them the talk of the night.

If you want to apply eyeliner to your lower lash lines, a good trick is to grab a dark eyeshadow tone and focus on the outer third of the eyes. To help you see what your wing looks like, hold a mirror and keep it straight so that you can make sure not to lose any of the wing details under the hoods.

Deep-set eyes

All you lovelies who have these types of eyes have a pronounced brow bone, making the eyes relatively further back into the skull. This shape can also be pretty challenging to accomplish a perfect wing but don't worry; we got you! 

Tips for deep-set eyes

If you angle the wing too sharply, you'll most likely reach your natural crease, so be careful when starting the winged liner and focus on drawing the lines outward.

You want to draw a fine line going along your lash line, getting as close as possible, and extending it to a flick. Say you want to go for a sensual look, then you'll want to emphasize the corners and the outer half of your eyes. 

If your eyes appear to be larger, you'll be able to have more capacity to work with, so you can try a more oversized wing style.

Monolid eyes

Monolid eyes don't have a crease, as all of the eyelids are not visible. If you have this shape, then you'll know all too well the struggle to make a perfect cat-eye look. And, while they are complex for certain wing styles, they are still part of what makes you unique and fierce! We'll give you some tricks to help you achieve your look!

Tips on monolid eyes

Having monolid eyes means that you can look gorgeous with a dramatic liner, just as a small flick will look flawless for a casual look during the day.

If you're aiming for a dramatic appearance, grab your kohl pencil and outline the upper lids, smudging the pencil upwards to give you that smoky eye effect. 

For a classier look, you can apply eyeliner, starting from the teardrop and extending the wing outwards to an upward angle. Feel free to explore and adjust the width of the liner to get that fierce cat eye that will make you the center of attention wherever you go!


Now that we have given you some pointers for every eye shape let's dive into choosing the right liner for every look. Choosing the right style depends on your skills in makeup and what look you want. 

If you're not confident in your wing skills yet, your best bet would be to try out eyeliner pens; they are easy to work with and help you create a line both thin or thick, depending on your goal. 

My go-to is the Soo Future Magnetic Liner Pen from Glamnetic. It gives me optimum control, allowing me to achieve the style I want without smudging whatsoever! My favorite part about it is that not only does it help me with the cat-eyed wing that's my preferred style, but it helps me hold my lashes in all day, so I no longer have to feel worried about them slipping away! It's a must buy ladies, and you'll always find it in my makeup bag.

So my beauties, you now have all the confidence you need to go out there and show the world your sexy self and steal the spotlight wherever you are!


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