Emma Chamberlain Press-On Nail Dupe

The theme at this year’s MET Gala was Gilded Glamor, which was inspired by American Fashion during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Among the guests were some celebrities who NAILED it, some who might have been a bit confused by the era, and some that showed up with no theme in mind at all. 

Youtube star Emma Chamberlain, on the other hand, not only got the theme, but she ROCKED it. She was a star on the red carpet, from the cute tiara on top of her blonde bob to the last stitch of the train on her skirt.  

She wore a beige puffed sleeved cropped blouse and a long, flowy white skirt. Her makeup was a flawless bronze and golden smoked-out masterpiece. And, last but not least, her nails perfectly complimented it all. 

Let’s talk about those nails and how you can get them!

Glamnetic's ‘Emma Chamberlain’ Nail Dupe For Emma Chamberlain's MET Gala Look

Emma Chamberlain’s nail look for the 2022 MET Gala is all the rage. Maybe even more viral than the clip of her and Jack Harlow accidentally saying “I love you” to each other. (Don’t worry Emma. We’ve all been there before.)

Emma Chamberlains met gala nail look was simple, classic, and oh-so-elegant. It perfectly fitted the night’s theme and her whole look.  And, luckily for you, you can get those EXACT same nails, and for a fraction of the price (and time spent in the salon.)

Glamnetic’s 'I Do' press on nails are not only identical to Emma Chamberlain’s MET Gala nails, but they’re also fully customizable. So, you can wear this look your way. These coffin-shaped, creamy white nails are the perfect choice for all of you elegant ladies out there.

Why Glamnetic?

Glamnetic is a beloved brand and a fan fave in beauty shops like Sephora. And there’s no guessing why!

Here are some reasons why Glamnetic tops our press-on competition and the salon!

Better Value

All of our press-on nails, including ‘I-Do’, are on in seconds, saving you all those hours at the salon. Plus, they’re half the price of a regular acrylic set. Not to mention that you can reuse them! Talk about value! 

Fully Customizable

You can cut, shape, and file our press-on nails any way you’d like to make your look fully customizable. You can even put some rhinestones on there, just to be extra! It’s all up to you, babe. 

Strong & Long Lasting 

Other press-on nails are easily chipped, bent, and broken. But Glamnetic press-ons won’t do any of the above. Nope! Go ahead and test them out. These babies are there to stay for up to two weeks or until you want them off. 


Not only do our press-on nails last up to 2 weeks and are durable the WHOLE way through. But, they’re also reusable! You can wear the I Do set one day and a whole new set the next. And the best part? No nail damage from taking them off!


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