Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Trends You Need to Try!

Euphoria, HBO’s popular teen drama, took the makeup world by storm! The dramatic makeup looks inspired us to explore our creative side. Perfectly-placed gemstones, shimmery metallics, and sharp liners—what’s not to like about Euphoria’s makeup looks inspired by Kat, Maddy, Jules, Rue, and Cassie?

Thinking about jumping on the euphoria-inspired makeup looks bandwagon? Let’s check out this guide to these makeup trends!

Iridescent Red Eyes

Who sheds tears in color? Jules crying orange neon tears is a moment that will be forever in my memory! Sporting a red eyeliner and a blended eyeshadow, this far-from-basic look is made more appealing with bright gold stick-on decals in the corners of the eyes. Aiming for that strong bright look? This is the look to go for!

Lash Out

No, we don’t mean that you get violent here but get your favorite dramatic Glamnetic lashes out! Apply glue on the base of the eyelashes and stick them on the upper (or even on the bottom) lashline. Amplify the appeal of this classic look by donning your favorite glam outfit!

Rhinestone Peacock

Cassie may have been a problematic character on the show but her looks, especially the peacock-inspired peg covered in gems, became a quick fan favorite. A top-tier combination of glitter eyeshadows, rhinestones, and super-defined lashes—this gorgeous eye makeup turns heads wherever you go. To achieve this look, make sure your base is flawless. Then, blend teal and blue eyeshadows on the eyelids. You’ll be surprised by just how much value it adds to the whole look once sapphire blue stones come into the picture.

Classic Glittery Stars

Our girl Zendaya, who plays the character of Rue, comes with major inspiration with classic, glittery, and starry eye makeup. To recreate this look, dab a decent amount of purple metallic eyeshadow on the eyelids then add a tiny star below the corner of the eye. If you want to go true Rue (See what we did there?), mix glitter with glitter gels to create your shimmering tears. Don’t worry, we’re not aiming for perfection with this masterpiece. Go explore the possibilities, Picasso!

Electric Blue Eyes

The blue glitter on Jule’s eyelids is giving us major FOMO! Create this beautiful look by swiping a blue liquid glitter formula on your eyelids over a smokey base and pairing it with a delicate brown lip gloss. This simple statement will have anyone feeling electric!

Playful Eyes

Our goth-fairy-queen Kat takes the colorful and playful route to let the eyes do the talking. To recreate Kat’s feisty look, apply a black winged eyeliner—the more precise, the better. Pair it with a fire-red shade of eyeliner from the inner corner of the lower lashline all the way to the middle. To complete this look, use the same fire-red shade to apply a red dot just above the cheekbones.

Purple Haze

Maddy rocks a purple eyeshadow like nobody's business. If this isn’t enough to tempt us into reaching for the indigo shades, she also tops the look with Euphoria-staple gemstones.  To recreate this beauty, all you have to do is apply a glittery purple shadow to the lids, smudge the same shade on the lower lash line, and apply your favorite false eyelashes. You can even explore different gemstone applications. We love a queen that makes versatility attractive, don’t we?

Icy Smokey Eyes

Maddy, our sweet Maddy, comes with a makeup inspiration enough to last us a lifetime. One of her looks is a classic smokey eye combined with her signature rhinestones. Create this look with a good blend of silver and black eyeshadows then use lash glue to apply the rhinestones. If you’re not a fan of chunky volumizing mascaras, consider using falsies on both top and bottom lashes to finish this look.

Rhinestone Wings

Wondering if a black eyeliner is too basic? Cassie thinks the same. As Euphoria revolves around gemstones, this beautiful twist away from the traditional black eyeliner is created with a minimalistic wing. But what’s dazzling with this wing is that it’s made of beautiful rhinestones. Instead of a matte finish for your skin, consider opting for flushed cheeks and a dewy look to create Cassie’s just-cried television look into your reality!

Neon Glow

A red liner paired with a purple base—who would’ve known that this combination is a hit? Maddy (or her makeup stylist) knows very well! The contrast between a neon eyeliner and a pastel eyeshadow results in a wearable look that you might want to wear time and again. To create this look, apply a red eyeliner on both the top and bottom of your eyes then put a purple shade on the crease, just right above the top liner. Curl your lashes and coat them with a generous amount of volumizing mascara to create that thick false eyelash effect. Or, you can just apply falsies if you prefer to! This might save you time and effort, plus it gives a more dramatic effect.

Cherry Lids? Yes, Please

Kat’s character is as intriguing as it gets. As she explores and embraces her sexuality, viewers get a sneak peek into the different makeup looks that she experiments with.  To create Kat’s monochromatic cherry eyes, apply a sheer red eyeshadow over your eyelid then blend, blend, and blend it upward until it reaches the eyebrow! Wrap it up with winged eyeliner and heavy-duty mascara to achieve an aesthetically appealing masterpiece.

Pastel Flowers

You can never go wrong with florals! We’re certain that Jules is with us on this belief. Her delicate and minimal pastel flower look has a fan base and we saw that coming. Recreate this look by using a pastel eyeliner shade of your choice to draw floral shapes around both the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Minimal commitment with maximum impact? It’s girly and dainty just the way we like it.

The Final Thought

While these Euphoria-inspired makeup trends are already glam, get creative to add a special oomph to these by finishing off your looks with false eyelashes to enhance the effect that you’re aiming for. You can browse through our impressive collection of lashes here to find your holy grail.


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