Eye Contouring Is The Beauty Hack You Need To Know

If you've ever wondered how celebrities and beauty gurus appear one day with smaller eyes and wider eyes the very next day, it's all due to how they contour their eyes that transform the appearance we see and admire. Fascinating, right?

For those who haven't heard of this concept, it's when you use your contouring skills to change the appearance of your eye shape or accentuate your eyes. So whether your eye shape is hooded, almond, or round, we got a hack for you. Curious to learn how to look stunning and master this skill? Let's jump in!

Eye contouring can look amazing on any skin complexion and eye shape; as long as you find the right shades and know which type of contour is perfect for your eyes, you'll be looking fierce in no time. It's a simple and elegant way to help you add depth and dimension to your eyes, making them the star of the show. You can choose whether you want the appearance to seem dramatic or go for a more elusive look.

To get started, you'll first need to establish which colors fit your complexion before applying the very first shades you find. This step is crucial to finish with a flawless eye contour.

In total, you'll be using between two to four hues, focusing on neutral shades. With that said, you'll need to include a lighter shade than your skin tone and about two hues darker as well. Grab an excellent eyeshadow primer, your fluffiest crease brush, your favorite eyeshadow brush, and your smudging tool.

Once you have gathered up your makeup supplies, it's time to create some magic.

Steps on Contouring:

Step 1.

Just as you would with any other makeup steps, you apply your primer to your eyelids. This step is key to ensuring a long-lasting makeup look. You then grab your fluffy eyeshadow brush and apply the shade that matches your skin tone or is slightly lighter to your whole lid.

Step 2.

Using the crease brush, you want to grab the darker shade, sweeping the color on your crease and pulling the shade towards the outer corner of your eye. In doing so, it will enhance your natural line of the crease of your eye socket.

Step 3.

Grabbing your smaller eyeshadow brush, you want to sweep the exact shade you just used and sweep it underneath your lower lash line, sweeping from the inner to the outer section of your eyes, connecting skywards at the end to the top area.

Step 4.

You grab the lighter shade you applied previously and begin to blend both colors until you get an even finish. Don't over blend to the point where you can't notice the difference between the two shades! I know it sounds tricky, but it makes a difference, trust me.

Step 5.

This last step is entirely your choice, but if you prefer finishing the look with a more dramatic appearance, you can grab a cotton swab or a wedge sponge and dip it into your makeup remover or your favorite moisturizer. Starting from the bottom, outer corner of your eyes, you

will make a sharp edge going up towards the end of your eyebrows to create a cat-eye shape appearance.

Following these simple steps will ensure that you end up with a stunning and subtle eye shape, letting you steal the spotlight no matter where you go.

Now, my fellow makeup enthusiasts, keep in mind that the color placements will vary depending on which eye shape you have and which finishing eye shape you wish to accomplish. 

If you want to awaken your tired eyes, you will aim for an upward motion, and if you have monolids, your goal is to create thinner, more refined crease definitions. For those with round eyes trying to get a more narrow look, you would accomplish this by applying a darker shade on the center of your eyelid and a lighter shade to highlight the corners.

You can finish the look if you're feeling a bit flirty by whipping out your winged liner and incorporating some shimmery shades to make your eyes the center of attention. Now that you have your eye contouring down to the T, you're ready to finish your makeup look, and feel free to add your ideas and personalization to complete the look to your liking. So, there you have it, beauties, you now learned the simple ways to slay your look with the latest beauty trends! 


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