What Is Eyelash Serum

Ask anyone that uses eyelash serum and they’ll most def swear by the serum’s miraculous lengthening and growth abilities. You see lash serums advertised everywhere: Instagram, Tik Tok, the internet, they’re all over. Eyelash serums are one of the hottest beauty products available.

Lash serums are eyelash boosting formulas used to stimulate lash growth, making lashes thicker, longer, and stronger. They do this by lengthening the lash growth cycle (anagen phase) which makes your lashes stronger and thicker for a longer amount of time. 

Many types of eyelash serums are marketed to rapidly grow, lengthen, strengthen, and hydrate brittle lashes. Do they work though?

We are going to give you the scoop on eyelash serum, ingredients to look for, and how to use it.

Lash Serum vs. Lash Conditioner

Eyelash serums are formulated to grow your lashes and make them longer. They usually consist of ingredients containing peptides and amino acids. These ingredients promote lash growth and density at the lash line. 

Lash serum is applied at the lash line once or twice per day to stimulate growth. It’s a clear, liquid consistency that is applied by drawing it on your lash line like a liquid eyeliner. Since it’s clear, you’re able to wear it alone or under mascara without it being noticed.

Lash conditioners contain nutrients made for hydrating your natural, individual lash hairs. Conditioners are meant to condition your lashes, just like the conditioner you use after you shampoo your hair (P.S., don’t use hair conditioner on your eyes, please!).

Lash conditioner is usually a white or clear color. It is applied using a mascara-like wand.

When you team a lash serum and a lash conditioner up, you’re going to get some serious glam, lash-powering results.

Eyelash Serum: The Tea

Lots of us girls will go to dramatic lengths to get long, fluttery, voluminous lashes. Whether we are applying mascara, falsies, or lash extensions, one thing’s for sure. We want our lashes bigger and better.

There are a lot of eyelash serums out there, so it may seem difficult to know which one you should choose. Some serums are expensive, others aren’t. Some require a prescription, while others can be purchased at beauty retailers, mass merchandise stores, or even online. 

It’s always a smart idea to talk to your doctor before applying any growth serums you’re unsure of around your eye area. Ingredients can be a determining factor in whether a product works or doesn’t, and whether it irritates your eyes or not. 

Eyelash Serum Ingredients: What To Look For

Many ingredients are swimming around in eyelash serum tubes. They’re usually listed on the label in long names that we can barely pronounce. A good quality lash serum will lengthen and add volume to your lashes, so it’s important to read the labels when you’re looking to purchase a lash serum. Some ingredients to look for are…


Biotin is a vitamin that is part of the vitamin B family, and it’s known as vitamin H. It is one of the most common ingredients in lash growth serums. Biotin can be found naturally in foods such as salmon, almonds, and whole grains. 

Biotin supports healthy hair, skin, and nails by strengthening keratin. Since we know hair is made of keratin, it makes sense that biotin would be a great ingredient in lash growth serums.


Peptides nourish, strengthen, and condition brittle lashes. They are believed to stimulate growth at the hair follicle. 

Peptides are chains of amino acids that are the building blocks of collagen and other proteins essential for making hair healthy.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Your hair and eyelashes are made of keratin, which is protein. Amino acids nourish and repair lashes to grow into fuller density. 


Keratin is a natural strengthener that enhances the health of your hair and nails. It is responsible for the structure of the hair itself. Keratin adds volume to the hair and returns your strands to health, adding smoothness.

Panthenol (Vitamin B5)

Panthenol moisturizes and boosts the thickness of the lashes. When panthenol is applied to the skin (lash line), it converts to vitamin B5 and is absorbed into the skin.

It can pull moisture from the environment to hydrate the lashes and protect them from breaking. Panthenol also strengthens the hair so it can grow longer.

Eyelash Serum: Ingredients To Avoid

It can be easy for irritants to weasel their way into eyelash serums and into our hands, based on the fact that we may not be able to pronounce or understand what they are on the ingredient label. Here are some ingredients you want to avoid when shopping for the perfect lash serum.


Parabens are preservatives that are used to prolong the shelf life of a product. Parabens are easily absorbed by the body and have been known to linger in the skin’s tissue. They are known to disrupt hormonal levels, mimicking estrogen. 

Some of the most common names of parabens to look out for on labels are butylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben.


Formaldehyde is another preservative that has been known to be used in beauty products. It has been known to, over time, become stored in fatty tissue because it can be absorbed by the skin. Some forms have been linked to allergic reactions.


Doctors often use prostaglandin to treat patients with glaucoma. It is known to make the upper lashes grow longer, thicker, and darker. Prostaglandin stimulates the production of melanin which makes the lashes darker, and increases the size of the hair bulb, making them thicker.

Using a lash serum with prostaglandin may change the color of your eyes, which is typically permanent. Pigmentation changes around the eyelid and eye area usually go away when the serum is stopped being used.

There are a few lash growth serums approved by the FDA that contain prostaglandin. Check with your doctor about potential risks if you are considering one of these.

Patience Is Key

We all want and love instant, fluffy lash results, but patience is a virtue. It can take up to three or four weeks to see results. This is about the time that the lash growth cycle takes to fully cycle.

It is always a good idea to check with your doctor if you are unsure about any beauty product. Some lash growth serums have been known to cause hyperpigmentation around the skin in the eye area, and darkening of the eye color itself. 

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