Can You Wear Eyeliner With Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can be costly and time-consuming, so keeping them safeguarded against wear and tear is important. One common misconception about eyelash extensions is that you can’t wear eyeliner, but the opposite is true. 

Sure, there are a few dos and don'ts that apply to wearing eye makeup with eyelash extensions. Let’s take a look at what you can and cannot wear with eyelash extensions to keep them looking long and fluffy between refills.

What Are Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are exactly that. They’re tiny fibrous extensions adhered to your own natural eyelashes. They give your lashes loads of volume and length. They can also fill in sparse places where your lashes may be thin. Lash extensions are so pretty, but they can be expensive to upkeep and damaging to your natural eyelashes if they’re not maintained properly. 

Eyelash extensions are individual lashes usually made from mink, silk, or synthetic fibers. They are glued individually to your natural lashes with semi-permanent glue. Extensions are customizable, which means you can choose the length, volume, and shape of your new faux lashes. 

How Are Eyelash Extensions Applied?

Eyelash extensions must be applied by a professional. The professional must be a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, or eyelash extension specialist. There are a lot of safety and hygiene precautions that must be taken, so it is very important to make sure that the person applying your lashes is currently licensed. 

The application time can take anywhere from one to two hours, depending on how many lashes are being applied. A good technician will always take their time, so have your coffee before you get there.

Eyelash Extension Upkeep

Extensions can seem grueling to upkeep at home if you aren’t used to them. You can’t get the extensions wet for 48 hours after they’re applied. After that, you still need to be careful around water and do not rub your eyes.

Do not wear makeup that contains oil. Oil-based eye makeup is a no-no. Oh, and did we mention, you must get refills for your lash extensions? That’s right, just like when you visit the nail salon to get your nails done, lashes have to be refilled too. 

Refills are usually applied every two to three weeks. Refills are required to help keep your lashes looking full. Individual lashes will be glued in places where others may have fallen out or become loose.

Which Types Of Eye Makeup Can You Wear With Eyelash Extensions?

Don’t throw out your eyeshadow palettes just yet, because they can be used with eyelash extensions and faux lashes. As long as your makeup is not oil-based, it’s safe to wear it around your eyes with eyelash extensions. This includes your faithful eyeliner. 

Eyelash extensions are fun to wear by themselves because they’re such a trendy vibe, but slap a little eyeshadow on, and it’s a whole other ballgame. Wearing eye makeup with your lash extensions really makes your eyes pop!

What Type Of Eyeliner Can You Wear With Eyelash Extensions

Before you run off to draw a perfect wing, make sure that you check the ingredients of your eyeliner. Oil-based makeup, including eyeliner and cleansers, can cause eyelash extensions and faux lashes to shed and glue to break down. Certain kinds of gel and liquid liner should be totally fine.

Ditch the pencils. Eyeliner pencils can be too harsh on eyelash extensions because they pull and tug at your eyelid as you apply it. Opt for a liquid or gel liner. Anything that glides on smoothly is ideal to make sure you’re not disrupting your precious lashes.

What Type Of Mascara Can You Wear With Eyelash Extensions

The beauty of eyelash extensions and faux lashes is that you will never have to wear mascara because they make your lashes look full and lush without it. 

Always check with your eyelash technician to find out whether or not you can use mascara with your particular lash set. Some sets will allow you to wear a light coat of mascara (not most), but make sure it is oil-free.

Don’t wear waterproof mascara, ever, with eyelash extensions. Waterproof mascara can be difficult to remove, so the chances you’d remove some lashes with the mascara are pretty high. Not to mention, waterproof mascara must usually be removed with an oil-based makeup remover, and oils need to stay away from your eyes—like, avoid it like the plague. 

Removal And Other Lash Options

Never pull or attempt to remove your extensions by yourself, because that could lead to sparse patches or even bald spots in your lash line. Yikes!

There are more gentle and affordable alternatives to extensions that will still get you the fabulous fringe that you’re dying for. Have you tried magnetic lashes yet? If not, you’re in for a treat! Just like extensions, they give your eyes that extra glam look you want at a fraction of the cost. Plus, they’re safer for your eyes, and you can wear eye makeup with them.

Magnetic Eyelashes And Eyeliner

Magnetic eyelashes are much more gentle, less expensive, and easier to apply and remove than lash extensions. Plus, similar to eyelash extensions, magnetic lashes are customizable based on your eye shape. Nothing is better than the attention-grabbing look of long fluttery lashes, especially if they fit your eyes seamlessly.

Eyeshadows are safe to wear with magnetic lashes as long as they are not oil-based. The oils in these cosmetics can damage the lashes themselves, causing them to shed. 

Unlike eyelash extensions or traditional falsies, magnetic lashes don’t require harsh glue. They require a magnetic liner to adhere to the base of the lashes. The magnetic liner is the “glue” that holds the magnetic lashes perfectly in place. The magnetic liner comes in all sorts of vivid colors, along with classic black. It glides on smoothly with a felt tip brush, so no pulling or tugging of the eyelid ever happens, and we like that.

Extensions, Eyeliner, and Your Other Options

Eyelash extensions are super glam, but there are some restrictions you have to remember while wearing them. You’ll have to avoid oil-based eye makeup, water, and mascara, depending on what type of extensions you have.

Lash extensions can be costly and require refills every two to three weeks, while faux magnetic lashes are much less expensive and can be applied easily at home. Magnetic lashes are also reusable, which means no going back and forth to the salon.

Glamnetic magnetic lashes are reusable up to 40 times with proper care. They can be worn with eye shadows as long as they are not oil-based, and eyeliner can be worn as long as it is the required magnetic eyeliner. Magnetic eyeliner is much more gentle on the delicate eye area than semi-permanent glue. 

With all these pros and cons laid out for you, it’s probably pretty easy to decide which lash you’ll choose to love. 

Glamnetic magnetic lashes are fabulous, fun, and fierce. They are always waterproof, latex-free, and paraben-free. Gorgeous magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners can be yours anytime. Lucky you! ;) Look and feel your best with Glamnetic. XOXO.



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