Eyeshadow Trend Comeback You Need To Try!

Imagine saying teary goodbyes to your loved one as they journey to another country to start a new life. You don't know when you're going to see them again and it's hard adjusting to their absence. 

Then, some weeks later you hear your doorbell ring, and boom! It's them!! They miss you too and there's definitely no way they're leaving you for so long.

Do you know that feeling? That's exactly what we feel when our favorite makeup trends make a comeback. And when it comes to eyeshadow trends, they always resurface with a bang!

Long story short, our absolute favorite eyeshadow makeup trend has blessed us with a second existence. Do we bask in the excitement of it for a little more time or do we spill it out already?

Okay, we aren't meanies. You must be dying to know what the fuss is all about. So, our favorite eyeshadow trend comeback in 3...2...1… 

Reintroducing the Inner Eye Pop of Color 

Who says you have to focus on your outer wings alone? The inner eye holds some magic too, and that's what this trend is all about. Yass, it's time to get your inner eye-popping with vibrant colors once again. 

The inner eye pop of color was one makeup trend that sent the industry into a frenzy a few years ago and for good reason. It was a cool-girl makeup trick to achieve a bright and noticeable look — even with bare lips.

Just apply your favorite bright color shade to your eye's inner corner and get going. The result — explosive! Minimal effort, just a few seconds, and an extraordinary outcome? This trend was bound to be the industry's fave from the get-go.

With its comeback, the inner eye pop of color trend is no longer for the cool girls alone. It's now for anyone who wants to step their makeup game up a notch with something extra. 

Minimalist or adventurous? It doesn't matter. Regardless of your eyeshadow style, a pop of color in the inner eye will suit perfectly to elongate your eyes and make them, well, pop. Eyeshadows

Looking for inspiration? Then focus your gaze on Zendaya's eyeshadow look at the Dune Premiere and celebrity pages like @ash_kholm, @kingmalohic, @patrickta, @fentybeauty, and @nikki_makeup. You'll find something you love there.

Why We Are So Obsessed About This Comeback

One word — versatility. The inner eye pop of color is so fluid that it flows into any look you want to achieve. Plus, it's the perfect way to add a touch of class and glamor your appearance in a hurry. You can also experiment with different colors to achieve the desired effect.

Still in doubt? Let's show you:

  • Look Brighter With Blue 

  • Blue is an illuminating color. So if your theme is cool but vibrant, a dash of blue on your inner eye will do the magic. It's the ideal way to look twice brighter in a jiffy.

  • Glow With Orange 

  • Nothing gives the dark skin tone a flawless glow like orange. It also makes you look confident and sultry. This eye-popping color is all you need to exude passion and class. It's the perfect eyeshadow color for a romantic night out. 

  • Get Playful and Feminine With Pink 

  • Gentle. Delicate. Pretty.  Three words that define feminine nature. When it comes to eyeshadows, pink blends these perfectly and adds some playfulness in a way that you can't resist.

  • Go Fierce With Red 

  • Red remains the color of choice for the bold and determined. Go dashingly chic and sexy with a pop of red on your inner eye. It's the color of choice for when you need to step out of the norm, boss lady.

    Own The Look; Go Artistic with Colorful Eyeliners From Glamnetic

    So, you fancy the inner eye pop of color comeback but there's no way you'll be caught with eyeshadow? No worries, our colorful eyeliners will give you the same effect. Better still, it's perfect for  achieving a more defined, angled, and elongated look. 

    Unleash Your Inner Diva With a Pop of Color This Season

    If you're ever in doubt about how to achieve an explosive look for any event, try the inner eye pop of color trend. You can never go wrong with it. With its ability to amp your makeup game in a minute, we wonder why it ever left. 

    But we are grateful for this grand comeback because you can achieve any look with it. You may also get creative with vibrant hues from Glamnetic colorful eyeliners. We can't wait to see you slay like a diva with this trend.

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