Easy Ways to Wear Fake Eyelashes Without Glue

Fake eyelashes add that extra “it” factor to a look. Lashes make your eyes pop, and they are fun to wear. They boost your confidence and can be worn for all occasions, both casual and formal.

Unfortunately, lash glues are filled with chemicals and other harsh ingredients that can irritate your eyes. These irritants can cause swelling, itching, and dry patches around the eyes if you have an allergic reaction or you’re not careful during the removal process. 

Guess what? You can skip the glue and still wear those fluttery fake lashes. Yes, they still stay on. We’ll show you how.

Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes

If you haven’t tried magnetic lashes, you’re missing out. Magnetic lashes are the safest fake lashes on the market today. That’s because there are no sticky glues filled with chemicals to use. 

Magnetic lashes adhere to your lash line using a magnetic liner, thanks to an ingredient called iron oxide. The magnetic properties of iron oxide cause a magnetic attraction between the liner and the magnets on the lash band. They adhere instantly, almost like magic! 

Iron oxide is FDA-approved and is safe to use near the eyes. In fact, iron oxide is found in many other makeup and skincare products. 

Iron oxide is not known to cause allergic reactions, so those who wear contacts or have sensitive eyes can still wear these safely. If you have any concerns, just perform a patch test on your forearm before using the liner around your eye area.

Apply Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes

Glamnetic magnetic lashes stay on all day long and are ultra-easy to apply and remove. We’ll walk you through the application and removal process so you can wear these fake lashes with confidence. 

  1. Start with a clean set of natural lashes. Make sure your face has been thoroughly cleansed, too.
  2. Choose either a magnetic felt-tip pen liner or a magnetic liquid liner and shake the tube for a few seconds. Apply the liner on your upper lash line, just like you would apply normal eyeliner. 
    Work slowly, drawing the line a little at a time as you move across your lash line. The line should be at least the same width as the magnets on the lash band. You can create a winged look at the outer corner with the liner if you want a more dramatic eye look.
  3. Wait until the magnetic liner is about 80% dry before applying the lashes. The liner should feel tacky, not wet. Touch the liner to make sure it is ready. The liner should not transfer onto your finger.
  4. Remove the lashes from the box one at a time by gently pulling them from one end of the lash band. 
  5. Look into a mirror and apply the magnetic lash by lining up the magnets on the lash band to the magnetic liner. The lashes will make contact with the liner immediately. Press down on the lash and into the band to ensure it has adhered securely and evenly across the band.

That’s it—your lashes are on and ready to be worn all day! You can perform a “pull test” by gently tugging on the lashes to ensure they are completely connected.

While you are wearing your lashes, keep in mind that they are waterproof and can be reused. They are also paraben-free and latex-free.

How to Remove Magnetic Lashes

It’s as easy to remove your magnetic lashes as it is to apply them. Simply follow these steps for removal.

  1. Pull the lashes from the outer corner, lift up and pull across to the inner corner until removed. Repeat on the other eye.

One step? Yep! Glamnetic magnetic lashes are easy to remove—we told you. 

Make sure to clean your lashes after they have been worn. Cleaning your lashes will prevent bacteria from spreading to your eyes and help the set last longer.

How to Clean Your Magnetic Lashes

To clean your magnetic lashes, you will need a few items.

  1. After your lashes have been removed from your eyes, apply the oil-free makeup remover to the cotton swab. If you are using a Cotton Candy Pad or Cloth, skip the makeup remover and swab and just use water with your cloth or pad.
  2. Next, gently wipe the cotton swab, cloth, or pad against the lash band to remove any dried magnetic liner from the lash band.
  3. Finally, store lashes in their original box in a cool, dry place until you are ready to use them next time.

Glamnetic magnetic lashes are so easy to apply, remove, and clean that you’ll want to wear them all the time.

Why Not to Use Lashes With Lash Glue

Besides the fact that magnetic lashes are much easier to apply, there are several other reasons why magnetic lashes are better than lashes with glue. Lashes that are used with glue have several negative risk factors.

Lash Glues Can Cause Allergic Reactions

Lash glue often contains formaldehyde, a dangerous chemical that causes allergic reactions in many people. 

Allergic reactions to lash glue include swelling, itching, burning, and rash. There are also more severe allergic reactions that can occur to lash glue that requires a visit to the doctor.

Lash Glue Can Cause Lash Loss

Lash glue is sticky and can be messy to apply. Before the glue dries, it may migrate to your natural lashes and dry to them. This adhesion between lashes causes a problem when it comes time to remove the fake lashes. 

Removal of these fake lashes could cause your natural lashes to remain attached to the lash band. This attachment results in lash loss and sparse areas on your lashes. 

Why Is Magnetic Liner Safer Than Glue?

Magnetic liner is considered the safest way to apply fake lashes available today. As with any product used around the eye area, nothing is entirely risk-free. For most, though, magnetic liner poses no threat of allergic reactions. 

If you suspect you may have allergies to the magnetic liner, perform a patch test on your skin somewhere other than the eye area a few days before using it around your eyes.

What Is Iron Oxide?

Iron oxide is FDA-approved and considered safe for use around the eye area. Iron oxides are mineral deposits found in many cosmetics and skincare products and are the main ingredient in the magnetic liner. The iron oxide in the magnetic liner is synthetic, so it doesn’t contain ferrous or ferric oxides. 

Many ophthalmologists (aka eye doctors) say that it is entirely safe to wear magnetic liners and lashes as long as you follow the instructions for the product packaging.


Glamnetic magnetic lashes are easy to apply, remove, and clean. Keeping your magnetic lashes clean and stored in their box in a cool, dry place will keep them in good shape. You can reuse your fave Glamnetic magnetic lashes over and over, too.

Lashes that require glue for adhesion are messy to apply. The glue used with traditional fake lashes and lash extensions contains harsh chemicals that can possibly cause allergic reactions and eye infections.

Magnetic liner is the safest fake lash application available, and allergic reactions are rare. There are several other fake lash options available, but none of them are as safe as magnetic lashes.

Glamnetic magnetic lashes come in a variety of on-trend styles to choose from. If you are unsure of what style will look best on you, take the lash quiz to find out. We are super confident that you will love your magnetic lashes, so try a pair and tag us on IG for a chance to be featured! 



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