Gel Nail Designs That Can Match Your Style

Gel nails are great because they last up to two weeks, they’re super glossy, and they provide style to match your personality and mood. 

Right now, summer 2021 nail art trends are out in full force. From pastels and metallics to animal prints and graphics, there is definitely a design for everyone this season.

We are going to show you a few DIY gel nail designs that are all the rage, so you can up your nail game RN.

What Are Gel Nails

Gel polish clings to your nails tighter than regular polish, which gives it a longer wear time. Luckily, as long as gel nails are removed properly, they are safe for your nails and will not cause damage. You just might find yourself paying a bit more in the salon for them. 

Since gel nails are cured with a UV or LED light, they always have a super glossy, high-end finish. Gel nails are versatile because you can add gemstones or designs to match your mood.

Gel nails are perfect for allowing your own individual style to shine. Elevate your style with these gel nail designs. You’re sure to find one that suits you!

The Candy Stripe Creates a Sweet Vibe

Nothing is sweeter than pastel candy colors topping a nude nail. Paint your nails with a base coat and two coats of a neutral color, followed by a topcoat, and continue on with your pastel artwork. Make sure to cure each coat of polish before applying the next.

Grab a nail art dotting tool, a nail art design brush, or a toothpick and dip it into a contrasting pastel gel shade. Dot randomly onto your nails and continue dotting with alternating colors. Use as many candy colors as you like. 

If you’d rather opt for stripes, you’ll need a nail art design brush. These brushes are fine-tipped and allow you to draw precise thin lines or dots. Dip your brush into your coordinating pastel gel color and draw lines vertically or horizontally across your nails. You can mix-match the colors or use just one. The options are endless with this design.

Always complete any manicure with a topcoat. Don’t forget to cure each round of polished layers under your lamp as you go. 

That’s it! You’ll feel super sweet while wearing this mani.

Make a Statement With Color Blocking Patterns

Graphic designs and color blocking are super trendy RN. You can create color blocks, checkered patterns, and criss-crossed lines in an array of colors.

For a cool color-blocked design, choose a base color and two or more contrasting bold colors. Black and white work well with these patterns too. You’ll also need nail-art straightener tape and a dotting tool. 

Paint your nails all over in one solid color. This will be your base color. Allow the paint to cure under the UV/LED lamp, then apply your topcoat and cure again.

♡ Grab your nail-art straightener tape and cut off small thin pieces. Create a pattern by laying the pieces down onto your dry nails in random places. Make sure the tape is pressed down securely against your nails. This will prevent other paint colors you use from getting onto your base color.

♡ Continue laying the tiny pieces of tape on your nails to fully create the pattern you want. Remember that the places you cover with tape will remain the base color. You will be removing the tape later to reveal this.

♡ One of the easiest ways to work with multiple colors is to pour a tiny amount of each gel paint color onto a piece of foil, making sure that they don’t touch each other. Use your dotting tool to dot a small amount of one of the colors into one of the exposed sections on your nail and move it around until that tiny section is painted. Repeat this process for each section of your nail with different colors of gel. Be sure to wipe the dotting tool off between each color.

♡ If you get any gel on your fingers, simply dip an angled brush or q-tip into acetone and wipe it off before you cure your nails. Next, cure your nails (the tape will remain on for this part) to set/dry the gel.

♡ After your nails are dry, gently remove the tape in sections and apply a topcoat. Cure the mani one last time.

Bring on the Bling

Who doesn’t like a little sparkle? Blingy nails are hot this year. This is a fabulous design you can create to bring out the diva in you. 

For this design, you will need small crystal gemstones, a jewel picker tool, and foundation gel. Foundation gel is a clear gel that will act as your glue. You can also use nail glue if you are applying just one or two gems.

First, follow your basic painting techniques for a solid-colored gel nail. Once they are cured, you are ready to apply the gemstones.

♡ Apply the foundation gel in a stripe down the center of your nail or wherever you want to add gemstones.

♡ Carefully pick up a gemstone with a jewel picker tool and lay it on top of the wet foundation gel. Continue laying down gems until all of the wet foundation gel is covered in bling.

♡ Cure the gemstones on your nails underneath your UV/LED lamp. After they are dry, apply a topcoat to seal everything in and cure it for one last time.

Ta-da! Your nails are ready for the runway!

Juicy Fruit

Nothing screams summer louder than the juicy shades of fresh fruit. Watermelon pink, lemon yellow, and green limes are taking the stage, and we want a slice of them all. It’s easy to squeeze time in for this must-have mani.

Create a smoothie-colored nail easily with a few steps.

♡ The base coat comes first, always. Cure your base coat. Then, apply one coat of a bright-colored hue on your index, ring, and pinky fingernails. Next, apply a lighter shade of the same color on your thumb and middle fingernails and then cure under your lamp.

♡ Apply a top coat to all nails and cure one more time, and you’re finished.

Gel nail art can reveal your fun side and be fun to create. Once you invest in a few simple tools, you will be able to make many designs.

The Grand Finale

Gel nails are on-trend and ready to be had this season, but you may not have time for the steps that a gel mani requires. If that’s the case, you may want to quickly glue on a pair of press-on nails.

Glamnetic has celebrity-inspired press-on nails that can be easily applied in under two minutes. Each on-trend set comes with several nail sizes so you can get your perfect fit every time. Best of all, nail sets are reusable and waterproof. 

So get your mani started, then share your inspired look with us.



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I mix my gel nail mani with my Glamnetic press on’s. I attach my Glamnetic nail, add foundation gel on top in the pattern I want, put on some bling or design, gel on top then pop under the UV lamp for a pop of shine and to make my nails look unique.

D. Lene Adams

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