Gel vs. Liquid Liner: What Is the Best for Magnetic Lashes

The right eyeliner adds that perfect pop of glam to your eyes. It wakes up the most tired of eyes and finishes off your makeup look. Eyeliner truly works magic. 

Whether it’s a sultry smudged line or a sleek winged cat-eye you’re going for, gel and liquid liners both do the trick. So what’s the difference between these two types of liner, and which one works best? Let’s find out.

What Is Gel Liner?

Creamy gel liners can be found nestled inside tiny little glass or plastic jars. Their consistency is somewhere between a pencil liner and a liquid. You will usually use a small gel brush to apply the liner. 

Gel liner is easy to apply and remove on the off chance you make a mistake. You can easily create thin and thick lines with ease, and gel liner glides seamlessly over the eyelid without any pull on your eyelid. 

These eyeliners are easily buildable with the brush size of your choice, so creating the most fabulous outer flick will be a breeze. Gel liner is also dramatic and long-lasting. 

How to Choose a Gel Liner

Product reviews are always a good place to start when deciding which gel liner you want to buy. Read reviews and weigh the pros and cons between brands. 

Next, determine which color you want, whether the gel is waterproof, and the price point you’re willing to pay—because price matters. 

How to Choose a Gel Liner Brush

Gel liner sometimes comes with its own brush, but if it doesn’t, here are a few tips on how to choose your gel liner brush:

  • Select a brush that will be easy for you to handle. Long, bulky brushes can sometimes feel awkward in your hands and may make it difficult to use when applying the gel liner.
  • The finer the brush, the more control you will have when you are applying the gel. Fine-tipped angled brushes create fine lines.
  • Thicker brushes will create thick lines with a more dense amount of product. That means your lines will be more pigmented and darker.
  • Stiff brushes work with gels best because they don’t smear the gel around when applying it.

How to Apply Gel Liner

If you’re looking to apply gel liner, here are a few simples steps that you can follow.

  1. Cleanse your face and eyelids with a gentle cleanser and warm water, and pat dry.
    Apply your serums, moisturizer, and eye primer if you choose to use it. Eye primer and foundation will give your liner something to stick to, making it last longer.
  2. Dip your brush into the gel and wipe any excess off on the side of the jar. 
  3. Tilt your chin up so that you can see your eyelids more clearly.
  4. Close the eye where you will be applying the gel liner. Carefully draw a simple line across the upper lash line of your eye. Start thin because you can always add more liner—but it’s much harder to take it away. You can add a little flick when you get to the outer edge if you like.
  5. Go back in and fill in gaps or uneven places, or thicken the line until you have the line you want. If you need to erase mistakes quickly, use our On-The-Go Oopsies to clean it up.

Don’t forget to follow the gel liner with a pair of Glamnetic magnetic lashes to complete your look.

What Is Liquid Liner?

Liquid eyeliner is pigmented liquid makeup that comes in either a tube with a fine-tipped wand or a felt-tipped pen. This type of eyeliner creates precise lines and crisp edges because of the fine tip or pen-like applicator. 

The liquid liner creates very sleek lines. However, a liquid liner’s consistency is much more watery than a gel liner, which means you need a much more steady hand to apply liquid liner than a gel liner.

How to Choose a Liquid Liner

Read product reviews and ask your friends about their liquid liners—or just turn to us. We offer a high-quality magnetic black liquid liner that is perfect for applying your magnetic lashes. It also gives you a sleek, opaque black line that will go perfectly with your makeup. 

Of course, check out color options and price points as well. You should also decide whether you want liquid eyeliner in the dip brush style or if you’d prefer a felt-tipped pen. 

How to Apply Liquid Liner

Liquid liner is more challenging to apply than gel liner because you must use a steady hand when applying it. If you make mistakes, though, you can erase them with a Soo Clean! Makeup Remover Pen. 

  1. Prep your lids by cleansing your skin and applying your serums, moisturizer, and foundation. Use an eyelid primer if you prefer. Makeup gives the liner something to grip.
  2. Tilt your chin upward so that you can see your eyelid.
  3. Close the eye you will be applying liner to, and carefully draw your line across the lash line. If you struggle with a steady hand, you can also make smaller lines across your lid and then connect them to make one smooth line. 

Remember that mistakes will happen, so be prepared with a makeup remover pen or swab.

Which Liner Is Best for Magnetic Lashes?

The most important thing to remember when wearing magnetic lashes is that you don’t want to use eyeliner or makeup containing oils around the magnetic lashes. Doing so will ruin those fluttery lashes you love so much.

Since gel liners tend to be creamy, and thus oily, they are not recommended for magnetic lashes. That’s why we offer two styles of liquid liner. Each has been specially formulated to provide the perfect magnetic attraction between the lash band and the liner. Talk about true love! 

This strong magnetic contact leaves you with a superior hold you can rely on when wearing your lashes. Our Glamnetic liners are available in both felt tip pen and dip brush styles, with many colors to choose from. So you can choose which type works best for you. You’re welcome ;)

In Conclusion

Gel and liquid liners are available in many colors, and both provide excellent coverage for an eyeliner. Gel liners are creamy and must be applied with a brush, while liquid liners are applied with a fine-tipped dip brush or felt tip pen.

Magnetic lashes work best with Glamnetic magnetic liquid liners. Our lashes complete any outfit for the perfect look in minutes.



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