Gift Guide: For Your Most Trendy Friend

We all have that one trendy friend or family member that seems to be on top of every latest trend and style, the one who rocks every look and has all the latest gadgets. And, with the holidays around the corner, it can make gift shopping a bit stressful to get them something they don't already own. Luckily for you, we've summed up some of the trendiest gifts that fit every budget and will make even the most complex gift giver excited with their presents. So grab a pen and paper; let's get right to it!

A Sherpa Jacket that will spice up the cold winter days.

Who said warming up for the holidays had to be boring? Everyone needs a statement jacket on days we have to cover up, and what better way to show your sense of fashion than with the sherpa jacket from Urban Outfitters ($99). With many styles and colors to choose from, it will make anyone's closet feel envied.

Magnetic Eyelashes that are taking the internet by storm 

If you have an Instagram account you’ve seen magnetic lashes popping up everywhere. From your favorite influencer to your BFF, magnetic strip lashes have been reinventing the makeup game and leaving glue as a thing of the past. But, what exactly are magnetic lashes? How can you be sure that they work? 

Magnetic lashes are similar to your classic strip lashes except that they’re well….magnetic. Along the strip of the lash where you’d typically be struggling to apply a thin layer of glue, there is a line of magnets to adhere the lash quicker and easier. Magnets make for a stronger, more reliable hold than classic glue, leaving  behind all of the stickiness and frustration. The Internet’s most loved lash right now comes from Glamnetic, a female-owned start-up selling lashes with a full six magnet band that makes for some serious durability. These lashes come in dozens of different styles to flatter every shape imaginable. Natural, dramatic, and even half lash styles are available so you can feel confident and comfortable no matter your style. 

A modern Fanny Pack that holds all of your valuables while adding style

If you thought fanny packs were a thing of the '80s, think again. These little beauties have made an impressive comeback from the past and are here to stay. Fanny packs are a great way to hold all of your essentials while having lunch with your girls and are great for keeping your items safe during workouts. LuluLemon offers adorable ones (for $38) that are water-repellant to keep all of your goodies safe no matter what storm (or alcohol) it faces!

A pair of boots that will go perfect with just about any outfit in your closet

Your trendy friend will surely appreciate your taste in style as you shower them with a pair of (Soludos, $155) boots for the season. They hug your feet while providing a chic sense of style and comfort, perfect for dressing up or keeping the casual look. Your fashionista BFF will love you for adding these to their collection. These lovely boots come with a hidden interior zipper that will simplify the hassle of taking them off after a long day.

The Amazon coat that everyone's been wanting

If you've been living under a rock, unaware of trends this whole time, and have no idea what the Amazon ($159.99) coat is, you've come to the right place! The Amazon coat made its debut back in 2018, which developed into its own Instagram account and is still a sought-after item for many. They're available in various colors and bring six enormous pockets, so you have plenty of room for all your knick-knacks. These coats come with a fleece-lined hood and a windproof design that will be perfect for those cold winter nights.

The Holy grail of PJ's that bring the diva out in anyone

Who said pj's have to be boring? These soft, luxurious oversized tee and shorts combo from Lunya ($198) will feel like heaven on their skin and make them feel like goddesses. No longer will they have to fret about sweaty nights as these are thermal-regulating, making their nights that much cozier on even the warmest times. Their machine-washable silk material will flatter anyone, and they come in beautiful tones such as otium tan, rich green, and meditative grey. Go ahead and get a pair of pj's for yourself too, you know you want to, and you won't regret it!

An elegant scarf that will hug your neck on the coldest days of the season

It wouldn't be the holidays without scarves thrown in the mix. Scarves are a great statement piece that can easily be thrown on top of any outfit and complete your look. Now, why not gift a scarf that is unique on its own? Ezcaray, a brand that works with local artisans, offers hand-made scarves that you can find in Goodee ($85) and will make a great addition to your gifter's wardrobe. Their mohair and merino wool blend is full of color yet subtle enough to rock any casual look.

Whether it's for your friends or your trendiest family member, we hope that our list was able to expand your creativity when it comes to gifting your loved ones for the holidays!


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