Gift Guide: The Best Beauty Stocking Stuffers

The holidays are almost here, and hopefully you’ve been keeping a list of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. For the ones on the nice list, here are some gift recommendations that’ll outdo anything Santa can offer this year, whatever your budget.

Under $20

Need a stocking filler for your sis or a Secret Santa gift for your work bestie? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out the best holiday gifts for under $20 right here.

Who’s The Fairest of Them All?

This super-cute mirror is perfect for checking out your hair and makeup on the go. It comes in matt or chrome and is the perfect size to sneak into a handbag or backpack when you’re making moves.

Handheld Mirror - $19.99

Hello Holo

This makeup bag is the prettiest way to carry around your daily essentials (or 12 pairs of Glamnetic lashes, depending on what you consider an essential). It’s flexible and ideal for daily use as it’s waterproof and oil proof.

Holographic Makeup Bag - $16.99

The Magic Lamp

If you’re buying for someone who loves their nail art, gel stickers and hybrid polish then they need this UV LED Nail Lamp in their life. It makes curing gel stickers, polish and nail art extra-easy - even better, it’s totally portable.  

UV Lamp - $15.99

Under $50

Got a bigger budget? Well that just means bigger and better gifts for the person you’re thinking of. You just need to set aside some time to wrap your gifts!

Lashes Galore

Every pair of Glamnetic lashes is less than $30 for up to 60 all-day wears. That’s less than $0.70 per wear so if you give the gift of Glamnetic, then they can still be rocking those lashes every day from Christmas through February. The only choice you need to make is which sets to get (and to make sure they’re stocked up on Magnetic Liner).

Glamnetic Lashes - $29.99  

Keep It Clean

We all make mistakes but that doesn’t matter with the Soo Clean! Duo. It clears up smudges, erases makeup mishaps and helps create a flawless finish with the Soo Clean! Makeup Corrector pen with a removable, dual ended tip and 3 replacement tips - in this duo you get a jumbo and a mini version so they can take their toolkit anywhere.

Soo Clean! Duo - $26.98

Their New Faves

Glamnetic press on nails apply in 5 minutes, last 2+ weeks, can be customized and won’t chip, plus they’re super-easy to remove. Sounds like a great gift to us! The Favorite Nail Kit contains three of our most popular nail styles: Ma Damn, Sprinkles and Wild Card. You even get a brush-on glue!

The Favorite - $46.76

Under $100

With this type of budget, we wanna be on your Christmas list. If you’re ready to spend up to $100 on your favorite people this holiday season, here’s exactly what you need to get.

Get 4x The Lashes

Pick up The Fantastic Four and your lucky gift recipient will get 4 sets of the most popular premium mink lashes from the ‘L’ line as well as a case and a liner of your choice (felt tip or liquid). TBH you’re just spoiling them at this point but you know they deserve it.

The Fantastic Four - $97.77

Make ‘Em Gelly

This LILHUDDY gel nail sticker bundle features 5 different gel sticker styles and a UV lamp to cure them for longer-lasting, durable and gloss nails. In this bundle you get Young&Dangerous, Dusk&Dawn, Rock Star, Boo! And Flamez - you’re literally giving them up to 10 weeks of fresh nail designs with hardly any effort needed on their part. Wow!

Heartbreaker Bundle - $98.55

Gettin’ Fresh

The Fresh Face Makeup Remover Gift delivers everything that’s needed to take your makeup off at the end of the day - it’s been designed to remove even the most stubborn makeup. In this kit, your bestie will receive 1 x Soo Clean! Make Up Remover Pen Jumbo, 1 x Soo Clean! Make Up Remover Pen Mini, 1 x Cotton Candy Remover Pads (10 pcs), 1 x Cotton Candy Remover Cloths (4pcs) and 1 x On-the-Go-Oopsies Swab.


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