Glam Fam July Highlights!

The Glam Fam is our private VIP Facebook Group, where all beauty lovers come together to share their selfies, tips & tricks, and more in a safe and supportive environment! Our Glam Fam continues to inspire us every day with their Glamnetic journey, and we can’t thank them enough for all their support to our brand. 

We wanted to highlight two of our core Glam Fam members who shared how they found Glamnetic and how it’s changed them!

Glam Fam Member: Andrea Antonio 

I found Glamnetic during the pandemic and I've always wanted to try lashes but didn't want to use glue. My best friend lost most of their real lashes from using glue and my mom did from going to lash extensions, this made me feel like getting lashes, even if beautiful, isn't worth losing my natural lashes.

After discovering Glamnetic, I was hesitant. I worried that the liner would destroy my lashes somehow. I wasn't ready to make a big purchase for something I've never tried before. I saw Glamnetic ads everywhere and finally a sale came up. It was the first time I saw Asian eye ads and it made me feel more confident that it would suit me.

I told myself it would be a good time to try it and I fell in love.  From skeptical to believer - very quickly...Glamnetic lashes add so much beauty to any look. Glamnetic is my one and only brand. Not only is it a great brand, made by women for women brand, but it is also one of the kindest and uplifting communities I have joined. The best experience so far and customer service is the absolute best. Never regret spending my money on Glamnetic.

- Andrea Antonio 

Glam Fam Member: Ashley Olson

The Glamnetic community has really helped me stay sane through this pandemic. I never thought that the purchase of a pair of lashes would come with so many new friends and a newfound confidence! Since finding Glamnetic and the Glamfam I've come to learn that there doesn't have to be a reason to get glammed up and feel good about myself! I have gained so much confidence with the support of the GlamFam!!

- Ashley Olsen 

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✨July Highlights✨

July 4th Makeup Look by Glam Fam member Gianni C.

Glamnetic Lashes During Birth from Glam Fam member Bun L. 

Glamamaw from Glam Fam member Marsha H. 

Taj Mahal Eyeshadow Look by Glam Fam member Alexa R.

Disneyland Ride-Proof Approved Lashes from Glam Fam member Jenna S. 

Glamnetic Lashes During Proposal from Glam Fam member Gigi O. 

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