Glamnetic Nails: Us vs. Our Competitors

Success doesn't come without hard work or a really great product.  Luckily for Glamnetic, they've got both covered. 

Glamnetic nails are a fan favorite and the rival of all press on nail brands out there.

Why is that? Stick around and keep reading to find out!   

Us Versus The Nail Salon

First up, we're taking on the nail salon. No offense to all of those wicked nail artists out there. We love you. But, here are some of the reasons why press in nails are just a little bit better.😉 


Getting your nails done can be SO expensive! And it has to be done regularly to maintain your nails. Even though we know how important a girl's nails can be, that's a whole lot of money going towards your nails. 

But with Glamnetic, you get the quality of professionally done nails at half of the price. And you don't have to make extra trips to the salon for broken nails. Our nails are locked on tight. 


Nail appointments can take hours out of your day. If you go once a week, that's 8 hours every month. That's a whole workday! Who's got time for that? Not us!

Glamnetic nails help you use that time for better things. They're super simple to put on, making that perfect mani happen in a matter of minutes. 


Of course, nail salons can totally customize and create artwork that is perfectly "you." But not always.  Sometimes, your vision isn't what you get. Even when it is, it's probably going to smudge in an hour. We all know how long a manicure takes to properly set.  

With Glamnetic, you never have to worry about whether your manicure is dry enough for you to use your hands. And, you always know what you're going to get. 

Us Versus Our Press-On Nail Competitors 

Now, we're taking on the press on nail brands. Let's talk about why Glamnetic nails are crushing the competition. 

Shape and Fit

Our competitors like Helios and Shein usually offer sizes that are too big or too small. They almost always have to be reshaped to fit right, which weakens the nail. 

Glamnetic press-on nails are made with a custom mold to emulate natural nail shapes. We also offer realistic sizes. And our nails are easily reshaped for the best fit possible.

Nail Strength

Press-ons from other brands are typically flimsy and bend way too easily. Or, they're hard but extremely brittle, being easily chipped or broken.

Our nails may be made from gel, but they certainly aren't soft! Glamnetic's indestructible press-on nails are only made from the highest quality materials.


Our competitors' nails generally come off within a day or so. Plus, their glue is easily weakened by water from unavoidable things like, you know, bathing and washing your hands.

Glamnetic nails last up to 2 weeks. They don't come off until you want them to. Plus, our nails are also reusable for an even longer life!

Style Choices

Most press-ons only come in certain shapes and lengths. They also don't have near as many design choices as they should. I mean, how many people want the same few designs?

Glamnetic’s variety allows you to choose from 41 press-on nail designs. Plus, there are different sizes and shapes like coffin-shaped and more to choose from. 

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