The Eco-Friendly, Re-Usable, Makeup Remover YOU NEED TO TRY!


Are you sick of scrubbing the shine out of your skin to get your makeup off?  Look no further, girlfriend! We’ve got a solution for you!

Glamnetic’s Cotton Candy Makeup Remover Collection is tough on makeup but soft on the skin. The pads and cloth make makeup removal easy as pie, and it’s a super low-waste solution to skincare!

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The Cotton Candy Makeup Remover Collection

Glamnetic’s Cotton Candy makeup removers come in two versions: the cloth and the pads. They’re made from the same materials, so they’re essentially the same thing. The only difference is in size.

The larger size is the Cotton Candy cloth. The cloth is typically for being used on your face or as a loofa. The smaller Cotton Candy pads are intended for your eyes or lips. You can get the best of both in Swipe Right bundle.

Testing The Cotton Candy Makeup Remover Cloth

We tested our Cotton Candy Cloth against an ordinary towel. For this test, we put makeup on 3 differently textured fruits: an avocado, a grapefruit, and a kiwi. This demonstrates some textures of different skin types. 

On the Avocado: (A Semi-smooth Texture): The towel didn’t clean the “pores” of the avocado’s skin. Also leaves bits of towel fibers on the skin. The exfoliating cotton candy makeup pads get right into the pores and scrub the leftover makeup away. 

On The Grapefruit: (A Very Porous Texture): Again, the towel left makeup in the pores of the fruit’s skin. The cotton candy makeup cloth, on the other hand, swept it away with ease.

On The Kiwi (An Absorbent Skin With A Rought/Hairy Texture): The towel couldn’t remove makeup, leaving the kiwi's skin seemingly stained. That is until the cotton candy makeup remover came in to clear the way and save the day!

Why Everyone Loves The Cotton Candy Pads:

The Cotton Candy pads and cloth both have 5-star reviews, and you won’t need to wonder why. Let’s talk about why these makeup removers are so loved. 

Tough On Makeup

Scrubbing relentless makeup off of your face only causes damage to your skin cells. The Cotton Candy Pads take off the toughest makeup like waterproof mascara in seconds without any extra effort.

Soft On Skin 

Our makeup remover cloth and pads exfoliate the skin but are as soft as a cotton candy cloud. It’s suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. 

Money Saver 

Because you don’t have to keep buying wipes, you can save money for better things. It may not be all that much, but a little can go a long way when it comes to savings.


Glamnetic’s Cotton Candy makeup removers are made of high-quality polyester material to be able to stand up to multiple uses and still be soft enough to be used on your face. 

Eco-Friendly And Sustainable 

Makeup wipes are the world’s third most wasted product. The glamnetic cotton candy cloth makes the perfect eco solution. And they're not just reusable, they're also machine washable for easier cleaning. They even come with their own washbag! 

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