Hailey Bieber Press-On Nail DUPE!

Are you still drooling and fantasizing about your favorite looks from the MET Gala? No worries, we don't judge, and we can sooo relate! Isn't that the essence of the biggest fashion night on earth, anyway? 

The Met Gala is where the best of creativity, luxury fashion, fanfare, and grandeur meet. If it doesn't give us something to inspire our style until next year's event, is it even worth it? 

So many looks were a hit for us at the MET Gala this year. And guess our absolute favorite? 


The delectable, awe-inspiring Hailey Bieber!

Hailey Bieber's MET Gala gown was nothing short of dashing chicness and sleek elegance. But more than her Saint Laurent feathery dress, Bieber gave us nail inspo for days! We can't help our obsession, so we thought to share everything we love about this super model's MET Gala nails. 

Feeling lucky? We've also included tips on achieving this look in a fast, easy, and affordable way. Let's dive in already.

Why We're in Love With Hailey Bieber's MET Gala Nails 

When it comes to nails, Hailey Bieber is on a mission to prove a point — that minimalist and unexciting aren't one and the same thing. We love to see it! Short almond nails seem to be her go-to style, and she's not afraid to explore with them.

This year, she decided to go chrome nails in funny bunny nail polish and some shimmer. Three words—gorgeous, fresh, and classy. Here's why we can't get over Hailey Bieber's MET Gala nails:

  • Minimalist Fashion At Its Best

As we already mentioned, who knew minimalist nails could look so glam? As a leader behind the "clean girl aesthetics," she slayed this nail effortlessly, reminding us that less is more, and quality beats quantity. With nails so well put together, and complimenting her outfit perfectly, it's a total vibe!

  • Perfect for Summer

Hailey Bieber's MET Gala nails are perfect for the season. Fresh, neat, and neutral, her nails will complement your summer outfits excellently.

  • Who Doesn't Love Chrome and Funny Bunny?

We love chrome, and we definitely love funny bunny colors. Seeing Hailey Bieber pull off a classy nail look with two of our favorite fashion statements is more than we could ask for. We love you forever, Bieber!

Want Nails Like Hailey Bieber?

So, you want nails like Hailey Bieber? Who wouldn't? 

We could easily say, visit Bieber's nail technician, Zola Ganzorigt, for the perfect mani, but that’s not possible for us all. Again, even if you could spend that so much money on your nails, you probably don't have the time.

But don't think for a second that we would throw you under the bus just like that. Trust that we've also got an affordable, fast, and convenient way to recreate this look without hassles. 


Say hi to the Winter Storm short pointed almond press-ons from Glamnetic. This nail-on looks just like Hailey Bieber's MET Gala nails with a similar chrome finish, shine, coloring, and freshness. With Winter Storm short pointed almond nails, you can steal the look and ditch the expensive cost in a hurry. We meant that literally — it wouldn't even take you five minutes!

Get Hailey Bieber's MET GALA Look in Less Than Five Minutes 

Here's how to achieve a fantastic dupe for Hailey Bieber's MET Gala 2022 nails in no time:

  • Get cuticle sticks to press down cuticles (you'll find a cuticle stick in your press-on nail pack)

  • Use the provided alcohol wipe to remove oils from your natural nails 

  • File down your natural nails and find a  Winter Storm short pointed almond nail that fits each finger 

  • Use Glamnetic nail glue on your nails for a solid bond 

  • Put well-fitting Winter Storm short pointed almond nails on each finger and press down for five seconds

Viola! Here you have it!! Hailey Bieber's MET Gala nails in less than five minutes. With no need to visit the nail salon and reusable Winter Storm short pointed almond nails, you can recreate this look anytime. Isn't that amazing?

It's Time To Show Off

Who says you need to break the bank to get classy, gorgeous MET Gala-worthy nails? Definitely not us. With Winter Storm short pointed almond nails, be ready to show off your own Hailey Bieber MET Gala nails in less than five minutes.

Do you need more inspiration for nail styles to rock this season? We've got lots of ideas and affordable, quality products at Glamnetic. Check out the cool stuff on our website ASAP! 


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