Holiday Glam You Need To Try

The holiday seasons are here! They are the best time to find your inner beauty goddess and think outside the box from the regular day-to-day makeup routines you usually wear. It's a chance to open the makeup set that's sitting brand new in your makeup cabinet that you thought you would never be able to use and try on sophisticated looks that you might have been contemplating for a while.

While we adore the classic red lip and winged eyeliner look that's a show stopper, it's time to add some extra glam and sparkle to your makeup look this holiday season. Not sure where to begin? Don't worry, babes; we have come up with the top 5 holiday looks to help you look beautiful and flawless up to the New Year!

Shimmery Goddess

Now, I know what you're thinking, shimmer for the holidays? Absolutely! Who says you can only wear bronzer and highlighter in the Summer? For this specific look, you want to keep the focus on your cheekbones and away from your eyes and lips, leaving them soft with a clear gloss on the lips not to steal any attention away from the beautiful contour and shine that your cheeks will have. 

A quick little tip, if you plan on wearing a strapless dress, feel free to add shimmer across your collar bone to accentuate them; they will seal the look and make you look like a holiday goddess.

Golden Diva

Let your eyes bring the drama to the family gathering this holiday season. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and make your eyes do all the talking! Add lots of gold and glitter to your eyelids, pairing it up with bold, dramatic eyeliner.

For the lips, you'll want to add some clear gloss or nude shades so that your eyes are the center of attention for the night. With this bold look, you'll surely be the talk for the holidays!

Bold and Glowing Beauty

If you don't really want to glam up for the holidays but still want to look fierce at the dinner table, you'll want to stick to this makeup look. You can keep your face makeup at a minimum and rock a bold red lip, along with some highlighter across your cheeks and nose.

This look is great for those who don't want to go through the trouble of a complete makeup look and still look dazzling for the occasion. With the dewy, glowing skin, no one will even notice the minimal work you put in this season!

Pine Tree green

With the holiday season here, it brings us the wonderful aroma of the pine trees and their beautiful green colors, making decorating them all the more exciting! So why not add that holiday feeling to your makeup routine? For this look, you'll want to use a beautiful green shade on your eyelids, outlining a winged appearance with the color versus opting for a black liner this year.  

You can complete the look by using a neutral shade color on your lips, along with a bit of blush across your lovely cheekbones. Everyone will be asking you for makeup tips once they see this eye-catching look, so don't feel intimidated to try something new this holiday season!

Smoky Eyes

Smokey eyes have been around a while and always seem to save the day on any occasion. And, if you were thinking that rocking a smoky eye is outdated, think again! Creating a soft smoky eye is perfect for the holidays, giving you that dramatic look yet leaving you looking elegant and dazzling. 

You can pair the look with a nude lip and add a touch of blush across your cheekbones, with a pop of highlight to accentuate your face. You can choose to leave the smoky eye as-is or add a winged eyeliner to bring up the level of drama in your eyes. That, we will leave it up to you to decide which you would rather rock for the evening!


So whether you choose to go for a dramatic look or a more subtle appearance, feel free to explore all the options this holiday season. Allow your inner beauty to take over and shine through as you find the look that feels like you! There is nothing better than welcoming in a new year with a new makeup routine, so why not have fun this season? Happy holidays my beauties!  


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