How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

If there’s one thing the rise of lash extensions proves, it’s that the world is crazy about longer, dramatic eyelashes. However, for a lot of people, putting on glue-on type extensions themselves remains a daunting task that is usually reserved for beauty experts. For those who don’t want to deal with accidentally pulling off their lashes, getting goo on their eyes or messing up their makeup, or paying someone an obscene amount of money, and not to mention the time, for lash extensions, magnetic eyelashes has become the most viable alternative.

How do magnetic eyelashes work? And more importantly, do they really work? How do you apply them? Can they be removed without hassle? We explore all these and more in this article.

How do magnetic eyelashes work?

Forget the traditional type of magnetic lashes which required you to meticulously sandwich your lashes together between a double layer of magnets. Enter magnetic eyeliner for magnetic lashes! This is a revolutionary new method that is taking the world by storm. For it to work, you just need three things (plus your hand, of course): a pair of magnetic lashes, and magnetic eyeliner- all of which are included when you buy a Glamnetic lash kit. Our lashes and liner have gone through many development phases that have perfected the formula of the magnetic liner, and the selection, look, and feel of the magnetic lashes.

How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work glamnetic magnetic lashes magnetic eyeliner eyelashes Glamnetic


Magnetic eyeliner and lashes work using the concept of magnetic force. The magnetic lashes are attached to a lash band that have five tiny, lightweight, and inconspicuous magnets on it. Meanwhile, magnetic eyeliner contains FDA-approved iron oxide - a safe and oft-used element in makeup essentials - which has magnetic properties instantly bonds to the magnets on the lash band. This eliminates the need for hazardous glue, making the process a lot quicker, easier, and safer.

(If you’re still wondering “How do magnetic eyelashes work?”, send us a message. We’d be happy to share more about Glamnetic magnetic lash kits!)

But do magnetic eyelashes really work?

Absolutely. The lash and liner set is lab (and customer)-tested to be smudgeproof, prone to hooded and/or oily eyelids, and have an impressive hold of up to 10 hours with comfortable wear - truly, the ideal companion for long hours at work or a night out with friends.

How are magnetic lashes and liner applied?

Now that you know how magnetic eyeliner and lashes work, it’s time to learn how they are applied. It’s actually pretty simple. Do your makeup as you normally do and just swap out your normal liner for Glamnetic liner, or use it on top of your favorite liner. Make sure to apply a semi-thick coat of magnetic eyeliner on your eyelids. Wait for it to be semi-dry (80% we recommend) and then apply the lashes! Pinch and press down lashes to lock them in place or “set” them. Because the magnets are attached to the eyeliner, not your lashes, you won’t accidentally peel off natural lashes in the process or risk glue getting into your eye.
You’ll notice how strong the hold is if you tug on the lashes slightly. This is how you know you’ve applied it properly!


You may also trim the lashes to any length as there are 5 magnets on the lash! Make sure that edges are magnets (no band sticking out).

Taking them off is also just as easy. Just use warm/hot water to wash off your eye makeup and you’ll notice it start to dissolve! A hot shower should do the trick! You can also check out our detailed guide on how to put on magnetic lashes on our website (YouTube tutorial included).

Easy to apply, easy to take off, with almost zero waiting time, zero mess, and zero side effects --- it’s easy to see why more and more people are making the switch to Glamnetic magnetic lashes. Isn’t it time you do too?
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