How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

We have all seen and used magnets pretty much our entire lives, sometimes without even giving it a second thought. Magnets can seem so magical. The force that draws them together can be so strong. In the same breath that we say they connect, they can also easily repel each other just as strongly. 

The powerful force is there, but we cannot see it. Just like magic, it seems like magnets can do something that we just don’t see or sometimes understand.

Magnetic eyelashes utilize this same “magic” to adhere the faux lash band to our natural eyelash line. This gives us the illusion of fantastically fabulous lashes—but how does it work? 

How do the magnets remain so well connected that we can freely flaunt these lashes all day without giving it a second thought? Let us explain how these invisible, tiny miracles work.

What Are Magnets?

Magnets stick notes to the refrigerator, snap our cosmetic bags closed, hold our makeup refills securely in place inside their compacts, and even run our hairdryers.

Magnets have made advances in the medical industry and are known for their utilization in mechanics and transportation also. Pretty much anything that has a motor contains magnets.

Magnets are usually the first basic piece of science that we explore as children. That’s because they are safe and fun to play with.

Each end of a magnet has what’s called a “pole.” One side is called the north pole (no, this isn’t the same pole where Santa lives), and the other is the south pole. The north and south poles attract each other. Two south poles will repel each other, the same with two north poles. So, in this case, the common saying “opposites attract” is fitting.

Magnets are items that create a magnetic field. The most common metals that magnetic fields attract are cobalt, iron, and nickel. Magnetic fields are surrounding us at all times every day. Your own body creates electromagnetic fields. So, yeah… you’re magnetic and electric, baby!

What Is Iron Oxide?

Magnetic lashes have become very popular recently due to their safety, and superior hold, and durability. 

Magnetic eyeliner contains iron oxide, which contains magnetic properties. Iron oxide is safe for your eye area and skin, so don’t worry. It is rated as non-toxic Iron oxide is commonly found in many pigmented cosmetics such as lipsticks, colored eyeshadows, foundations, and even sunscreen. 

The FDA regulates the number of iron oxides contained in cosmetics. The FDA also considers them safe for use in pigmented cosmetics and cosmetics used around the eye area.

Performing a small patch test of any cosmetic product in question is always recommended before use. The test should be performed on an area of the skin other than the intended area of use. This will ensure that you aren’t allergic to the product. 

How Does Magnetic Liner Work?

Since magnetic liner contains iron oxide, and we’ve already determined that iron oxide has magnetic properties, it’s easy to understand why the liner creates the magnetic cling required to hold magnetic lashes. 

Magnetic eyeliner is applied just like you would apply normal eyeliner, right above the lash line. Once the liner is in place, you will attach the false eyelashes.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the lash band has tiny magnets attached to it. After you have applied the magnetic liner to your lash line, the false lashes are applied right on top of the liner. The iron oxide in the liner and the magnets on the lashes attract each other and cause a firm grip hold.

This magnetic attraction provides you with the confidence in knowing that your lashes will hold all day. No waiting for glue to dry either. 

Magnetic Lashes Vs. Glue-On Lashes

Magnetic lashes are both safe and easy to apply, but let’s also take a look at the glue-able option of lashes.

Whether you’re getting eyelash extensions at the salon or doing them at home, both glueable options come with their own set of concerns. Glue is often toxic and allergenic due to ingredients such as alcohols, detergents, and latex.

Most over-the-counter eyelash glues are FDA-approved and considered safe for consumer use. However, due to the many chemicals that they contain, they can be irritating to the eyes.

Allergic reactions are often more common with glue rather than magnetic liners. These reactions can cause itching, redness, watery eyes, and swelling.

In at-home application, a thin line of glue is applied to the lash band first. Then, the lash band is laid gently and precisely right above the upper lash line. This process can be difficult if it’s your first time doing it. 

The glue can have a tendency to stick to your fingers or tweezers and smear into places around your eye where you don’t want it, but as with anything, practice makes perfect. 

It is important to take note that no matter what type of lashes you choose, safety should always come first. The FDA has compiled an eye cosmetic safety checklist that will come in handy when applying lashes.

The Lash Choice Is Yours

So now that we know what magnets are, what causes magnetic attraction (no, not the romantic kind), and the difference between magnetic lash adhesion and glue—the choice is yours.

We at Glamnetic have created some pretty fabulous lashes that we’d love for you to check out. Our lashes are waterproof, latex and paraben-free, and reusable. Strut your stuff in lash styles customized for you based on your eye shape (take our lash quiz here). 

Our magnetic liners come in vibrant colors to give your eyes that fun candy pop or classic black for creating the perfect cat-eye. 

Lash Hygiene And Safety

While wearing false eyelashes provides us with an extra boost of confidence, there are a few important things to remember.

  1. Always wash your hands with soap and water before beginning the application process. This prevents the spread of germs onto your tools and into your eyes.

  2. Don’t share your lashes with your besties. This can cause the spread of bacteria and germs that can cause some serious eye irritation and possible infection.

  3. Don’t wear your falsies while you get your beauty rest. Wearing your false eyelashes to sleep can cause serious irritation and possible infection in the eyes, along with potential natural eyelash loss and damage to the falsie itself. This sounds like a nightmare.

Magnetic eyelashes are fun to wear, easy to apply, and safe as long as you practice proper hygiene. 

So grab your lashes, and may the force of cosmetic magnetism be with you.



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