How False Lashes Are Curled

False magnetic lashes can enhance your eyes, creating drama and dimension when used with other beauty tools. They take the messy glue, the guesswork required for the perfect placement, and the hassle of removing lashes out of the equation. If you love using false lashes, magnetic ones can make application and removal a lot simpler and faster.

While magnetic lashes pop on and off more easily and give you more value for money, they aren’t likely to retain the same lovely curls that they have when you first use them. Instead of purchasing a new set each time, be a boss babe and re-curl your lashes yourself!

How to do it? With this step-by-step guide, you’ll be curling your own magnetic lashes in no time.


How to Curl False Lashes: Breaking It All Down

Have your favorite lashes lost their irresistible curls? Here’s how you can curl them and get them looking like new.

Find the Right Tube

To get your lashes curled, you’ll need a round tube — and not just any round tube, bestie. You should get a round tube with a diameter similar to the curl you want. A chunky lip gloss tube or even a large mascara tube should do the job just fine.

Secure, Secure, Secure

Once you have your tube, you’ll need to secure your lashes over it before applying heat. Lay your lashes over the round tube and secure it with lightweight material like a piece of tissue.

Apply Heat

Use a hairdryer on a low setting to generate heat for a few seconds. This works like a quick perm for lashes and helps to hold the curl in place. Remember to keep the hairdryer at least 6 inches away. If you go any nearer, you risk breaking down the lash hair and weakening its structure.

Check and See Until You Achieve the Curl You Want

Once you’ve applied heat, check to see if they’ve achieved the kind of curl you want. If not, just apply more heat.

Apply Mascara

After curling your false lashes, make their application and the result even better by applying mascara on your natural lashes. This will give them added definition and volume. It will also give the magnets a more solid base to stick to.

Friendly tip: When applying mascara, ensure you don’t apply it directly on your false lashes. Doing so can make them look clumpy which will make them unusable over time.

Wear Them To Jazz Up Your Makeup Look

Before attaching your newly permed magnetic lashes, cut them to the right size and shape, then use your fingers or a lash applicator to put them on. Make sure to apply them as close to the lash line as possible.

The best thing about magnetic lashes is they rely on a magnetic liner not glue, taking away all the hassle that comes with traditional falsies. Since Glamnetic’s magnetic liner comes in a range of colors, it can double up as an eyeliner too.

There you have it, a flawless realistic-looking application that won’t budge come rain or shine.

Want to find a new holy grail? Glamentic’s extensive range of magnetic lash styles, kits, and bundles are sure to please.


What’s So Special About Glamnetic?

Most magnetic lashes require you to meticulously sandwich your natural lashes with a double layer of magnets, which can make application a hassle.

The lash gods at Glamnetic produce lash styles that have tiny, lightweight magnets placed on the lash band. This revolutionary method only uses a pair of magnetic lashes and a magnetic liner to offer a seamless, hassle-free lash application experience.

Allow us to recommend some of our favorite lash styles:

Lush: This extra-long round style features a 17-millimeter eye-popping length to give your eyes unbelievable drama. The red-carpet-appropriate style is made from premium quality mink to give a lightweight barely-there feel.

Virgo: This short wispy style is pure perfection. The natural-looking lash features a 12-millimeter length and works as an everyday go-to look. Scheduled a brunch with your A1s? You know which lash style to reach out for!

Bombshell: This long cat-eye style features a gorgeous 8 to 14-millimeter length. Just like its name, this lash style is powerful, poised, and gives a no-nonsense sexy and flawless look that’s perfect for sultry date nights. This voluminous yet light lash style uses 6 magnets to give it extraordinary staying power that will last you through the entire night.

Babygirl: This short round style features a 9 to 13-millimeter length to give you that natural, lightweight feel and look. It comes with 4 magnets that help secure your lashes throughout the day.

Want to try new styles without exceeding your budget? We got you. Here are some of our favorite lash bundles for your collection. Since they’re up to 40% off, you can enjoy gorgeous long lashes without breaking the bank!

The Fantastic Four: This premium mink lash bundle certainly lives up to its name with 2 super dramatic styles — Lush and Lavish as well as 2 subtle lash options — Lust and Luxe. It also comes with a liquid eyeliner to help you nail the look you’re going for. Whether you want drama or more drama, The Fantastic Four is sure to be a girl’s best friend.

Girl Next Door Bundle: Get 6 looks in one awesome package! This lash bundle comes with:

  • Faithful - a fluffy and subtle cat eyelash (brown)
  • Flawless - a natural-looking short, round lash (brown)
  • Flirty - a soft, natural, short cat eyelash (black)
  • Feisty - a short, feathery wispy lash (with a mix of brown and black hues)
  • Fearless - a natural short round lash (mixed brown and black)
  • Fab - a classic, soft fluffy lash (black)

Just like The Fantastic Four set, Glamnetic is packing this set with a black magnetic eyeliner with a felt tip or a liquid liner to go with your new and enhanced look.

Want to browse through other options? See Glamnetic’s full range of magnetic eyelashes and easily achieve a new and eye-catching look!


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