How Long Do Magnetic Lashes Last?

One of the most common questions people who want to transition from normal false lashes to magnetic ones - or simply want to give it a try - ask is, “How long do magnetic lashes last?”

With Costs, time, and effort being main factors in your purchase decision - the lifespan of magnetic lashes is a very important consideration. Imagine how costly that would be to buy a set that costs $40 or more only to discard it after a day’s use!

How long do magnetic lashes last compared to glue-on lashes?

Although non-magnetic lash extensions can be reused in general, the answer to how long they would last usually depends on a variety of factors: the materials used to create them, brand, thinness or thickness of bands, and your after-care ability (or lack thereof).

Normally, those made from synthetic material can be worn up to eight times, while those made from animal hair - including mink lashes - provide up to 30 wears. But again, this depends on the brand and how meticulous you are in taking care of them after use.

How Long Do Magnetic Lashes Last glamnetic magnetic lashes magnetic liquid liner


Can you reuse magnetic lashes?

Regardless of the thickness of the lash, style, or after care, Glamnetic’s magnetic lashes are durable enough to last more than 30 applications. They are made of the highest quality magnets and a thin lash band for comfortability. They will actually last for as long as you take care of them as there is no glue to clump up on the lash band, contorting and messing up the lash, which makes normal lashes unusable after a few uses. The lash and eyeliner hold up to 10 hours (essentially, the entire day). That means that if you wear the lashes daily, it’s totally usable for over a month. Treat them with utmost care, and they are bound to serve you longer.

In addition, the magnetic eyeliner to which you attach the lashes can be used for over 90 applications, or more than three months.

Why is this important?

It’s economical. Forget hundreds of dollars on professionally done extensions. Glamnetic faux mink lashes cost only $37.99 for the magnetic liner, $29.99 for the lashes, or $89.99 for a discounted bundle of two lashes and your choice of liner. Again, this stretches to more than one month, with daily use. Way cheaper than lash extensions or multiple pairs of mink lashes. Did we mention it’ll save you time and struggle?


It’s easy to clean and thus, less prone to damage. Compared to glue-on falsies, which require extra care to rid the lashes of glue, magnetic lashes do not require glue. You don’t need to apply magnetic eyeliner on the lashes either. You simply swipe it on your eyelids and put the eyeliner on top. The eyeliner does not clump on the lash band, making it super easy to clean and not as subject to damage as glue-on ones.

Now that you know the answer to the question “How long do magnetic lashes last?”, it’s time you get started. Check out the Glamnetic magnetic liquid eyeliner and lash kits.
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