How to Achieve the Instagram Famous Fluffy Brow

Brows have come a long way since the thin black lines of the nineties. Good brows can immediately change the expression on your face and can even help you feel more confident. The magic of makeup isn’t to cover, but to enhance what you already have. This means leaving your brows alone, letting them grow, and shaping from there. 

So, if you’re looking for the perfect fluffy brow, then you’ve come to the right place. All it takes is proper shaping and grooming, and of course, using the right products and tools.  Keep reading to learn how you can achieve the Instagram-Famous fluffy brow in mere minutes. 

Getting The Right Shape:

The key to Instagram-famous fluffy brow is to make them as natural-looking as possible. So, the best way to get the perfect brow shape, you need to work with what you already have. If your eyebrows are thin, then it’s a good idea to grow them out.  

For a while, it’ll be pretty hairy, but as long as you keep plucking the stray hairs around the natural eyebrow shape, you can grow out some fluffy brows in no time. If you’re having problems growing them out, try some grow serum. 

To trim those unruly brow hairs, use a spooled brush to brush your brow hairs upward. Trim the hairs that go over your natural brow line. Now, if you have naturally thick brows, you won’t likely have to use too much product, unless it’s to tame some stragglers and great a bold brow. 

Achieving The Instagram Famous Fluffy Brow

Now, when it comes to shaping your brows into the Instagram-famous fluffy brow, it’s all about how you groom them. Like trimming, your brows will look fluffier if you’ve brushed them upwards with a spooley brush. 

Depending on the thickness of the brows you already have, you may not have to use a lot of different tools or products. If you have thick brows already, grooming and shaping them with a spooley brush is all you will need. 

If your brows are on the thin side and need some filling in, then you will need a product to help you get full brows without those drastic lines. Take an angled eyeshadow brush with some powder or brow gel. Remember to use light strokes and only use a bit of product at first. Do not draw guidelines, as this will come off too bold and will need to be blended to look natural.

What To Use:

Right now, there are so many different products jumping out at people like you, who want flawless, fluffy brows. Like most cosmetic products, the tools and products you use really do matter.  


♡ Angled Brush:  A thin, angled eyeshadow brush is helpful to give you hair-like strokes when you’re filling in your brows. This can give the effect of rel hairs, rather than just a line of color. 

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♡ Spooley Brush: Spooley brushes are great for smoothing out unruly eyebrow hairs and keeping them in place. These brushes are also the key to the fluffy brows you’re looking for. 

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♡ Budget-Friendly: Brushworks Brushworks Brushworks - White & Rose Gold Brow Duo Brush


♡ Brow Powder: Powder will fill in your brows and create a softer, more natural look for you. However, it does not apply as clean and precise as a brow gel with an angled brush. 

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♡ Budget-Friendly: COVERGIRL Easy Breezy Brow Powder Kit

♡ Brow Gel: Brow gels will be a little bolder but are great to fill in think brows with tiny hair-sized brush strokes. It will also help your new fluffy brows stay fluffy, instead of falling or flattening.

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