How to Apply At-Home Lash Extensions

If you're tired of paying for expensive lash extensions at a salon, why not try doing them in the comfort of your own home? With Glamnetic’s Lash Extension Kits, you can achieve the same glamorous look, without all the hassle. Follow these simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Clean Your Lashes

Before applying lash extensions, it's important to clean your lashes to remove any oil or makeup residue. Use a gentle cleanser and rinse thoroughly with water. Let your lashes dry completely, and curl if desired.

Step 2: Apply Bond

Brush on a thin, even coat of bond under the entire length of your natural lashes. Brush only in one direction, so lashes don’t stick to each other (near the root to the midpoint of the lash). For thinner lashes, apply 2 coats. For thick lashes, apply 1 coat. Wait 20-30 seconds for the bond to become tacky on your lashes.

Step 3: Apply Lash Clusters


Using the lash grab, gently apply each cluster underneath the base of your natural lashes, slightly away from the waterline to avoid possible irritation. Repeat this process with the remaining clusters.

Step 4: Bind Together

Once you’re satisfied with your application, you can merge both the band and the strands of each segment with your natural lashes using the lash grab to bind your lashes and clusters together. 

Step 5: Apply Seal


Apply a thin coat of the seal above and below the lashes, and wherever you feel excess stickiness. Comb through with the bottom end of the lash grab to create a full, cohesive look!


  • For additional holding power, apply the bond on the root of each cluster, then wait 20-30 seconds.
  • Leave a few natural lashes free on the outer corner while applying the first cluster, to ensure the most natural placement. Do not leave gaps between each lash segment as you work your way to the inner corner.

And that's it! With a little practice, you can achieve the same flawless lash look as the most in-demand salons, all from the comfort of your own home. And since Glamnetic has Lash Extension Kits with styles ranging from natural to glam, there is a look to fit any style. Try it out for yourself, and love your new look in no time!

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