How To Choose The Best Wing For Your Eye Shape

Just like our looks, we all come blessed with different types of eye shapes. From almond eyes to round or hooded, knowing your eye shape helps you make the best makeup decisions when it comes down to getting all glammed up.

Getting your eyeliner wing wrong can ruin your entire look and leave you looking odd with unflattering makeup, no matter how popping your lipstick or lashes look.

The right eyeliner look will help to lift your eyes, open them up, or make them look bolder and less hidden. It’s only when you know the right wing to choose that you can make your eyeliner work for you.

So, if you’re looking to find out what will bring your eyes to life and put the sparkle back in your eyes, check out our eyelining tips and tricks.

Choosing the most-fitting eyeliner wing for your eye shape

Exploring your creative side when lining your eyes is something we definitely encourage, but once you miss the perfect angle for your wing, it goes downhill from there. To choose the right type of wing for your eye shape, you must first know your eye shape.

What is the shape of your eye?

♡ Almond eyes

As the name suggests, this type of eyes are almond-shaped and turn up slightly on the outer corners. Popular celebs with almond eyes include Priyanka Chopra, Angelina Jolie, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and so many others.

If you want to know if you have almond eyes, simply check for a visible crease on your eyelid and see if your iris rests on the top and bottom of your eyelids when your eyes are open. Lining this type of eyes is easy-peasy because of its natural lift.

Almond eyes can go with cat-eyeliner looks. Draw a thin line from the inner corner of your upper eyelid and make it thicker as you draw to the outer corner. If you like some flair and drama, you can raise the line a little higher.

♡ Round eyes

If you have round eyes, your eyes tend to look more open even when you’re only gazing softly. You also have a visible crease on your eyelid and there’s a lot of white part showing from beneath your iris.

Celebs with round eyes like Michelle Obama, Lana Del Ray, Deepika Pakudone, have found that the secret to lining their eyes is to create the illusion of added width. Line your eyes one-third of the way from the outer part of your eyes and elongate the line into a short flick (it could be longer if you like.)

You could also line the lower lash line starting from one-third of the way and taking the flick up to meet the top wing.

♡ Hooded eyes

If you fall into this category, fret not. There’s also something exciting for you too, especially because this type of eyelids are some of the most difficult to work with. Lupita Nyong’o, Blake Lively, Aishwarya Rai, all have this type of eye shape in common.

To line hooded eyes, start thin in the inner corner of your eyes, then increase thickness in the middle and towards the outer edge; give yourself a more defined look with a cat-eye wing at the outer edge. 

To avoid losing your liner into the hood of your eyes, hold your mirror straight on and not below your eyes. Or else, when you’re done, you may have a distorted look.

♡ Monolid eyes

Like hooded eyes, monolid eyes can also be quite tricky to work with. Monolid eyes rarely have any visible eye creases, and the eyelid goes hidden when the eye is open, so, if you don’t apply your liner the best way, the eyeliner and the wing will go hidden, wasting your precious efforts.

To get the perfect wing just like them, apply your eyeliner right from your tear duct, then outline your upper eyelid, thickening the line as you near the outer edge. Finally, extend the wing outwards and upwards.

Line the lower lid as well and extend the line to meet the upper wing to give you a smokey cat-eye.

In Conclusion

The key to choosing the best wing for your eye shape is first to know your eye shape. This way, you can figure out what works best when you are getting your face done. Check out the various tips for different eye shapes that we have highlighted above and go with the best one for your eyes.

Happy glamming!


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