How To File Nails Into The Perfect Shape

Having well-manicured nails makes you feel pretty and put together, and it says a lot about a person when their nails look great. Your nails are that accessory that screams fabulous without having to be shown off.

Dirty, unkempt nails aren’t exactly, ahem… chic. Setting your eyes on a set of these is enough to make you set the long-term goal of having nice, clean, manicured nails at all times. 

Break out the nail file, because we are about to show you how to file your nails into the perfect shape for those pristine, gorgeous nails you want.

How To Choose a Nail File

First thing first: you need a nail file. There are several types of nail files, so you have to choose wisely. For natural nails, we recommend using either a glass nail file or a cardboard emery board file. 

♡ Glass File: Typically, a crystal or glass nail file is the most gentle on your natural nails. These files smooth out the edge of your nails as you file, leaving a nice, clean sealed edge.

    ♡ Cardboard Emery Board: When you use an emery board, work with it slowly and carefully. Cardboard files can cause micro-tears on the edges of your nails if you don’t use them properly. That said, a buffer is great for smoothing out rough edges after you’re finished filing.
      ♡ Metal File: Metal files are the most abrasive on your natural nails. These files should be used on acrylic and gel nails only. Metal files are also commonly used on toenails because those nails are generally thicker than fingernails.

        Ok, so you have chosen your nail file. Now what? It’s time to choose the shape you want your fingernails to be.

        How to Choose a Nail Shape

        Choosing your new nail shape is pretty fun. If your nails are on the shorter side, that’s totally cool. You can file your nails nicely to give them a clean look, even if you don’t have enough length to shape them much. 

        Keep in mind that your nails will not be long enough for a stiletto or long coffin shape unless you have naturally long claws like Wolverine. You can save those long shapes for press-on nails! If you’re sticking with your natural nails, we’ll focus on medium to short nail shapes that are easy to file at home.

        These shapes include: 

        ♡ Round
        ♡ Oval
        ♡ Square
        ♡ Squoval
        ♡ Almond

          Round Nail Shape

          If you want a shape that is low maintenance and easy to create, this one's for you. Round nails are the perfect shape for all types of fingers. This is also the ideal shape for you if your nails tend to stay on the shorter side. To file your nails round, follow these easy steps.

          Grab your nail file and shape them in a square shape at first. Follow the natural curve of your fingertips and file around from one corner to the other. Make sure your nails are even and that your edges are softly filed down. 

          Remember, no matter which shape you choose, always file in one direction, never in a back and forth see-sawing motion. Filing back and forth will create micro-tears in your delicate nails. Trust us; you don’t want that look, girl.

          Oval Shaped Nails

          Oval nails elongate your hands and are considered a more traditional shape. 

          To achieve the oval shape, file your nails in an egg-like shape. The sides should be slightly filed inward at a diagonal and round at the tip. 

          This shape is perfect for those of you with shorter fingers and medium-length nails. The oval shape tends to make the fingers look longer than they are. 

          Square Shaped Nails

          One of the most popular and classic shapes, the square shape is effortless to achieve. Begin by filing from the center of the tip of your nail and file in one direction away from yourself, creating a flat-ended tip. Finish by filing the sides in a straight line to meet each corner of the tip.

          Square nails aren’t easily broken since they follow the natural width of your nails. This is a great shape for medium-length nails.

          Squoval Shaped Nails

          The name of this style is a bit funny, but squoval-shaped nails are just square-shaped nails with rounded edges. It is a variation of both the square and oval shapes. The squoval shape is the most universally flattering—think of it as the LBD of nail shapes. 

          Start by filing your nails straight across to create a flat, straight tip. Use clippers to clip the tips of your nails if your nails are a little longer. Next, round out the corners slightly.  The shape should end up looking square with rounded edges.

          Almond Shaped Nails

          The almond shape is similar to the oval shape, except the tips are more pointed. A wide base and slender sides create the actual shape of, you guessed it, an almond. This shape is best for longer nails and shorter fingers.

          Start by filing the sides toward the middle, creating a peak at the tip of your nails. Make sure the sides are even as you file. Slightly file the tip and smooth it out to make sure it is slightly rounded, like an almond. Remember to file working in the same direction, not back and forth.

          Stiletto and Coffin Shaped Nails

          The stiletto and coffin (ballerina) shaped nails have one major difference. The stiletto shape has a pointed tip, and the coffin shape has a squared-off tip, like a ballerina slipper.

          If you want the long, glam look of stiletto or coffin-shaped nails and your nails aren’t naturally long, opt for press-ons. Glamnetic press-on nails are a game-changer. Our nails are celebrity-inspired and perfect for any hands. 

          For trendy coffin-shaped nails, opt for the 2000s-inspired I DO set. The opaque, creamy white color will match all of your outfits perfectly, and you’ll look like you just stepped out of the salon. Your friends will be stunned to find out you did them yourself.

          Another press-on nail set we’re obsessed over is Juicy. These nails are long, pink, sparkly perfection. This set comes in a coffin shape, but just like all of our other nail sets, these can easily be filed into the shape of your choice.

          To Wrap It Up

          Nails can be filed into many shapes and lengths depending on what you like. If you don’t have a steady hand or just don’t feel like having to maintain your nails naturally, press-on nails are your best bet for maintaining those gorgeously glam claws.

          Glamnetic press-on nails are reusable, waterproof, and last up to two weeks. They come in lots of trendy designs and are super easy to apply in just five minutes! If you’re unsure of which nails to choose (because they’re all awesome!), the nail quiz will help you decide.

          Whether you like your nails short, long, or in between, Glamnetic is sure to have a style you’ll love.   



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