How to Grow Out, Shape, and Tweeze Your Own Brows

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the brows are the lattice that frames them. So, you should pay equal attention to your temple furs in your beauty regimen. And we’re not just talking about makeup.

Take care of those brows during your me-time pampering. It will pay off handsomely when you’re hurriedly prepping for work or a party.

No time or budget to maintain your arches? Relax. Brows are low maintenance, thankfully. It doesn’t take hours to beautify, and you don’t even need to plunk a fortune on the lap of a professional brow artist.

Here are some brow hacks that you can DIY in the comfort of your home.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows Painlessly

Eyebrows come in a wide variety of arches, lengths, and thickness. You may have a preference on the type you wish you had, but really, the most suitable is one that flatters your face.

To determine this, browse online or on social media for face images with features similar to yours. Select the one you find most attractive and replicate their eyebrows.

♡ Tip #1: Don’t Pluck to Shape

You’ve seen brow artists do it with deftness while chatting with you about the weather. But don’t even dare get inspired by their effortless performance and brazenly impersonate them. Remember, they studied and apprenticed for months to master their craft. Instead of plucking, opt to trim and groom your brows with beauty products.

♡ Tip #2: Prep for Trimming

Pruning your brows is the first step to shaping them. But before that, brush them with a spoolie. This eyebrow-shaping tool is made especially for the temple furs. Shaped like a mascara wand, it’s easy to wield in that awkward position across your eyes. Also, its bristles are soft and perfect for the arches.

♡ Tip #3: Trim with Brow Scissors

From your spoolie brushing, you will be able to spot the wayward strands above your naturally defined brow line. Those are the ones you need to trim. Take a cue from your hairstylist - they usually cut at an angle that follows the direction of your hair’s growth. Never cut straight across as it will look unnatural.

♡ Tip #4: Use Brow Makeup for Shaping

Now that you’ve trimmed those extra hairs out of the way, you may proceed with creating that gorgeous shape you’ve been pining for.

Start off by applying a tinted powder or brow gel on your brow line. Eyebrows are inherently slightly lighter in color than tresses so the gloss in these products will darken their shade for a fuller and longer look. Tints also provide an even, more defined tone.

How to choose between gel and powder? It depends on the areas you want to highlight and downplay. Gel tames wild strands and allows you to direct them into the shape you want. Meanwhile, powder creates the illusion of volume.

Finish off by spot treating sparse areas with an eyebrow pencil.

If you are confident enough to sculpt your eyebrows, plucking is a great alternative to trimming and shaping with gel. It’s longer lasting and can cut down on makeup time.

How to Pluck Your Brows Like an Expert

We won’t lie, plucking is not for everyone. It takes courage and practice to perfect the process. And you will make mistakes. But don’t let those dishearten you. Like the hair on your head, eyebrows will always grow back, and you can always cover up bald spots with makeup for the meantime.

♡ Tip #1: The Best Time to Pluck

Perform the procedure straight out of the shower. Warm water opens the pores, so uprooting your strands won’t be as painful as when you do the deed on cool skin. They are also easier to grasp with tweezers when damp.

♡ Tip #2: Prevent Brow Breakouts

Prior to plucking, apply face oil on your brow hair and leave it for a few minutes to soften the strands from roots to tips. Natural oils also soothe the skin and protect it from irritation caused by hair removal. They make the skin supple as well, which is how you want it to be for effortless plucking. Make sure you choose one that’s compatible with your skin type.

♡ Tip #3: The Best Tweezers to Use

The most suitable tweezers to use for eyebrows is the slant-tip type. It has a blunt edge you can use to grasp overgrown hairs, and a pointed tip for precise extraction of the really short ones.

♡ Tip #4: Pluck Cautiously

Keep in mind that pulling out your brows is not meant to reshape them. Rather, its purpose is to clean out the excesses, nothing more. If possible, have your eyebrows shaped by a professional just one time. This will leave you with a template to follow on succeeding brow-maintenance sessions.

How to Grow Out Over-Plucked Brows

Oops! Did you remove some strands by mistake? Very well, you need to muster all the patience in your body to wait for them to grow back. On the average, eyebrows take 3-4 months to sprout. But there are several steps you can take to accelerate the process.

♡ Tip #1: Brush and Massage

Utilize your handy spoolie and regularly brush those spots where you want brow hair to grow faster. Be careful not to touch the ones you wish to stay short. In addition, knead the skin with natural oils to stimulate the follicles into production.

♡ Tip #2: Improve Your Diet

What you eat can also contribute to the growth rate of your eyebrows. So, amp up your vitamin intake from fruits and vegetables. Iron, Omega-3, and Biotin supplements could help too.

♡ Tip #3: Try a Topical Eyelash or Hair Thickener

Eyebrows are made of the same fiber, after all, so what can work for eyelashes and hair could also do wonders for the brows. But it’s wise to start with an eyelash thickener as it is formulated for sensitive strands. If it takes too long to work, you can graduate to the stronger hair growth formula. However, test it on a small patch of your scalp prior to applying on your brows to check for any negative reaction.

Final Thoughts

Your eyebrows and eyelashes are the most textured parts of your face. They light up the eyes, add character to the forehead, and structure the temples beautifully. And when you shape your brows the right way, it not only accentuates these features but also allows you to wear less makeup.


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