How To: Contour Your Face With Gua Sha

Looking for a magic tool that can enhance your beauty routine and make you relax? Well, here is the hottest self-care and skin-boosting technique that will not only lift and sculpt your face with immediate results, but also bring harmony and release negative thoughts.

As you may have guessed, we are talking about Gua Sha! When practiced regularly and done correctly, this 100% naturally sourced jade will firm your skin, de-puff eye bags, aid with lymphatic drainage, help with anti-aging and just make you shine bright like a diamond! So, no wonder Gua Sha has been dubbed ‘the Botox of the Far East’, and it is safe to say that this workout is a must-have for your skin. This face scraping technique is based on traditional Chinese medicine, and women all around the world can't help but love the method. But how to use this little stone to experience all the benefits it offers you? So, grab your Gua Sha, oil, lotion or balm, and follow our step-by-step guide on how to Gua Sha.

Important Tips

First things first, and it is important to start with some fundamentals of the facial Gua Sha process. Every Far East beauty procedure has its deep philosophy. So, in order to get the best effect, you need to calm down and turn the process into meditation. Before starting, concentrate on your breathing and allow yourself to enjoy the procedure. 

Speaking of the technique itself, the best method is to lightly press and apply strokes to the skin in the direction of the lymphatic flow. It is recommended to Gua Sha once a week, but it all depends on your skin type and your tolerance for this workout. However, so many women use this tool on a daily basis. For better results, repeat each movement 5-10 times. You decide whether to Gua Sha in the morning or before bed. It is absolutely up to you. But if you want to look fresh and more awake in the morning, Gua Sha right after you wake up. Plus, it is important to stay hydrated before, during and after the procedure, so if you do this in the morning you can focus on hydration better. 

Prepare Your Skin 

Once you feel that your mind is free of any thoughts, it is time to clean your skin. After cleaning, you can add a hydration mist (oil, balm, whatever you like) to help your tool glide. Make sure the care product you apply is non-irritating and non-toxic. Well, what should you do next?

Start with The Neck

Since the neck is responsible for aging and many other things that happen to your face, it is essential to massage your neck first. Make slow and gentle moves, and relax. But be careful in the neck area because there are a lot of lymph nodes. And don’t forget about the throat. Do the same slow and gentle moves.

Moving on To Your Face

Once you are done with the neck and throat, it is time to pamper your beautiful face. You can use it on the jaw, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, and forehead. But keep on doing it slowly, enjoying every second.

P.S. If you have any skin problems on your face, it is fine to skip this area for a while and focus only on your neck. You can always come back to your face when the condition improves or clears. A few important reminders: if you recently had Botox, ask your doctor if you can use this tool, and avoid working on any areas with filler. Remember that you are beautiful and you deserve the world, so pamper your skin by implementing this wonderful workout into your beauty routine.


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