How To Prolong The Life Of Your At-Home Lash Extensions

If you're all about the DIY lash extension game, we've got some insider tips to help you make those lashes last longer. With a touch of TLC and a sprinkle of know-how, you'll be flaunting fabulous lashes for days, and even weeks to come. Get ready to level up your lash game with our essential care tips and tricks!

Invest in High-Quality Lash Extension Kits:

When it comes to at-home lash extensions, quality matters. Treat yourself to a top-notch at-home lash extensions like Glamnetic’s Lash Extension Kits. Each kit includes all the tools you need to apply in minutes; high-quality vegan synthetic lash clusters, a lash bond, a lash seal, a bond remover, and lash grab applicator. 

Treat Your Lashes with Love:

Gentle should be your middle name when you’re rocking your at-home lash extensions. When cleansing your face, be kind and use an oil-free cleanser to keep them fresh and fab. Remember, oil-based products are a no-go—they can mess with that adhesive bond and lead to lash drama. Plus, Say no to rubbing, pulling, or any roughhousing as a rule of thumb for keeping your lashes looking flawless.

Say No To Excess Water:

Speaking of face washing, let’s remember the water rules! Since prolonged water exposure can put a damper on your lash longevity, avoid all those steamy showers, saunas, and Olympic-style dives for at least the first 24-48 hours. If they get wet, just pat them dry as soon as you can!

Brush 'em, Babe:

Let's keep those lashes on point! Grab a clean mascara wand or Glamnetic’s Foldable Lash Comb, and give those beauties a gentle comb-through. Keeping them separated and looking fabulous has never been easier.

Wear Lash-Friendly Makeup Only:

If you can't resist a little eye makeup magic, we've got your back. Opt for lash-friendly products, and say "no thanks" to oil-based eye makeup, while opting for oil-free alternatives. Removing eye makeup can be a breeze with Glamnetic’s Wipe Off Makeup Remover! And remember, when it's time to remove that stunning eye look, be gentle to avoid any accidental lash damage.

Keep Calm, Refill On:

To keep your lash game strong, keep your lash refill at your fingertips. Assess your lashes, fill in any gaps using the lashes provided in Glamnetic’s Lash Extension Refill Kit, and keep that luscious look going strong.

There you have it, lovelies—your guide to extending the life of your at-home lash extensions. Get yourself a quality kit, show your lashes some love, and be mindful of water exposure. With these must-have tips, you'll be slaying the game like a real lash pro. Flutter on, glam babes!


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