How to Remove Eyelash Extensions

You and your eyelash extensions have had a wonderful life together. You’ve laughed, you’ve cried, you’ve had a few charmingly sloppy nights. Now, though, it is time for the inevitable end. Not of the charmingly sloppy nights; those are way too fun to give up. But it is time for these particular eyelash extensions to wave goodbye. Which would probably just look like a blink, now that we’re thinking about it, because they’re eyelashes.

Few facial features can elevate a look so quickly and so completely as the perfect eyelashes. As a result, eyelash extensions can be a good solution for many looking for a longer-term option than typical glue-on false lashes. The eyelash growth phase typically lasts for around two weeks, and since extensions are attached to your natural lashes, that means you have anywhere from about two to six great weeks of having beautiful caterpillars for eyes.

But maybe you can’t wait that long or have another reason that you want your extensions off sooner. Luckily we’ve got some helpful advice on how to keep your real eyelashes in great condition, all while getting those imposter eyelashes out of here (“here” being your beautiful, beautiful face).

If Possible, See a Professional

First off, it is worth noting that it is always a safer option to see a lash professional to help you remove your extensions. Of course, this is not always a possibility for everyone. There will always be situations where you need your lashes off right now, there are no appointments available soon enough, or your natural lashes just need a breather. 

In those situations, it is possible to remove them at home, but there are some very important measures you should take in order to make sure your at-home eyelash extension removal goes as smoothly and safely as possible. That, and that you have plenty of natural lashes left behind to tell tales of your bravery for many weeks to come. 

Keep the Tweezers Far, Far Away

If you are done with your lash extensions and want them gone now, your immediate instinct may be to grab the nearest pair of tweezers and get your pluck on. We cannot emphasize enough how much this is not a good idea. 

This also applies to just picking at them with your fingers or any other sharp things that you apparently enjoy having near your eyes. By the way, we here at Glamnetic seriously advise keeping sharp objects away from your eyes. As we always say, Sharp Objects are for Amy Adams to display her phenomenal talent, not for your eyeballs.

Inevitably, along with the extensions, the tweezers will wind up removing and damaging your natural lashes as well. This also has the potential to be painful or uncomfortable if the glue holding your extensions has not been properly dissolved. 

The glue used in eyelash extensions is quite powerful in most cases. In fact, it is often surgical grade. So basically, if you bring a pair of tweezers to an eyelash fight, the eyelashes may just win out.

Remove Any and All Eye Makeup

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is an absolutely crucial step to have your eyes be as clean as possible before starting the eyelash extension removal process. It could get in the way when you are dissolving the glue from your lashes or when you’re applying various moisturizing agents. 

So consider skipping the elaborate eyeshadow routine that makes you look like a sexy woodland fairy. We love you as a sexy woodland fairy, please don’t get us wrong, but there is a time and a place for everything. After all, you aren’t dressing up for a special occasion, except maybe to pay your respects at your eyelash extensions’ funeral.

Make It Steamy and Loosen Up That Glue

The name of the game here is allowing the glue’s hold on your eyelash extensions to loosen, making it easier to dissolve the glue and safely and comfortably remove the extensions. You can steam your lashes in a few different ways. 

There’s always the tried-and-true method of standing in a hot shower for a prolonged period of time. Really luxuriate in there for a bit, allowing the powerful glue on your lashes to release. Maybe swipe through tinder, do a Sudoku puzzle, whatever floats your shower boat. Just don’t get electrocuted. After comprehensive research, we have learned that electrocution is actually not helpful when it comes to removing eyelash extensions.

Other than that, you can also fill a bowl with steaming hot water and hold your face on top of it for about 10 to 15 minutes, simultaneously opening your pores and hopefully sending your unwanted eyelash extensions to a watery grave.

Get Oiled Up

Now that you have sufficiently steamed your face into another dimension (a dimension with really moisturized skin, probably), it is time for the next step. You are going to want to take a cotton ball, q-tip, or spoolie and use it to apply a loosening agent to your lashes. There are a few different moisturizing agents you can use to accomplish this task, like:

  • Coconut oil
  • Canola oil
  • Olive oil
  • Mineral oil
  • Vegetable oil
  • Castor oil
  • Oil-based cleansers

Okay, just like if we were staring deep into the soul of a deep-fried Oreo, we’re sensing a bit of an oily theme here. That is because oil actually does wonders to help dissolve glue. So gently apply your oil of choice to all of your lashes, careful to avoid actually getting it in your eye. If that does happen, wash your eyes out with water immediately. Let the oil sit on your lashes and lash extensions for a while. Finally, gently wipe your eyelashes, being sure not to over-irritate your eyes.

Keep in mind that all of the extensions probably will not come out in just one treatment. You may have to lube up your lashes a few times, and that’s okay.

Wash Off Any Remaining Residue (Get Un-Oiled Up)

Having a bunch of leftover oil on your face, while possibly delicious, is not generally the best for your skin. Take a gentle cleanser and wash your face off like you normally do, just being especially careful around the eye area. Again, your main goal now is to avoid any irritation.

After all of the oil is sufficiently removed, apply an equally gentle moisturizer to your face to keep your lashes healthy and keep them from drying out.

Get Ready To See Lashes Everywhere

In all likelihood, not all of your eyelash extensions will come out immediately. They need to know that they are welcome, will be accepted, and also the glue has to fully dissolve. This means you may occasionally leave a trail of lashes in your wake over the next little while as they continue to fall out over time.

Lashing Out

Again, we do recommend seeing a professional to assist in removing your eyelash extensions if it is at all possible for you, but we understand that there are situations where this isn’t the case. 

Just be sure to follow these steps and always take care of your eyes. They’re the windows to the soul, so maybe eyelashes are the windshield wipers? We don’t know; we aren’t poets. But our magnetic lashes at Glamnetic can help you to make all your wildest eyelash dreams a long, luscious reality.



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