How to Shape Nails for Contact Wearers

Every diva out there knows just how important it is to have long, fierce nails that bring out that inner tigress that lies in all of us. And for those who wear contacts, things can get a bit hectic when putting them with long nails. 

Let's face it, there's nothing wrong with glasses, but we all prefer to wear contacts on our date nights to reveal the magic we do with our makeup and not have to worry about our glasses getting in the way or getting foggy when trying to look cute.

With so many options of nails to choose from, the possibilities seem endless when selecting a nail length that fits our style and mood. Our hats off to those mastered beauties that can multitask and handle any everyday situation with dramatic nail lengths! 

If you're a pro at working with long nails, then putting on contacts should be little to no hassle for you, but if you're a newbie, then things can get somewhat intimidating just imagining staring at a pointy nail entering your eye!

Luckily, there are methods that you can do to help you achieve the goal without hurting yourself and different nail lengths for those who aren't used to dramatic nails. Nails come in all sorts of sizes, starting from short and ending in more extended sizes.

You can even choose different styles such as the coffin, almond, square-cut, and oval-shaped. The more popular types that we see all celebs wear are the coffin and almond-shaped ones, which appear to give a sexier finish to your whole look.

Asides from choosing a shape and length, you're free to select the finish of the nails whether you're looking for a glossy finish, holographic, or a matte look. So how do you know which size and length are best for contact wearers? That's honestly up to you to decide what you feel most comfortable wearing daily to get your necessities accomplished.

Let's go over some tips for each shape so you can decide which would be the better fit for you!

Putting on contacts with long nails

When putting on contacts with long nails, whether it's acrylics or your natural ones, the task seems impossible. Luckily, we found some tricks to help you have an easy and painless way to get those contacts in.

The first main thing to remember is to have patience! When trying to scoop up the contacts from the packaging to begin, you'll want to avoid touching the center of the contact lens with your nails to avoid scratching them. Try to slide them out of the packaging gently, pinching them with your fingertips.

You then grab two fingers and hold open your upper and lower eyelid. The best fingers to use would be the pointer finger to lift your upper lash line, pulling down your lower lash line with your middle finger. Try to focus on pulling with your fingertips and not the actual nails.

Grabbing your free hand, you place the contact on your fingertip, ensuring that the contact lens has a dome shape so it can easily fit over your eyes. While you're holding your eyelids apart, you are slowly going to guide and place the contacts in your eye. 

The best way to protect the eyes and your lens is by making sure that you're holding them with your fingertips and not your actual nails to avoid getting poked in the eye and causing yourself minutes of discomfort. 

Once you have managed to insert the lens onto your eyes, you will blink several times until you feel that they are centered and no longer feel like you have an eyelash stuck in your eye. Do this step as long as you want to ensure that the lens stays in its correct place, doing complete blinks to ensure they stay put.

Removing contacts with long nails 

The process of removing the lens can seem just as hard as inserting them, not knowing how you will place your finger on your eyes and avoid getting stabbed by your nails as a result. Trust me; I would know how painful that is!

The trick is to place the pointer finger right below your upper lash line, placing the middle finger above the lower lash line and pinching the lens as you pull them out. Make sure you have a good, firm grip on the lens before you pull them out, and when you're ready to pull, remember to pull them out to avoid hurting your eyes gently.

The same rules apply to removing the lens when having long nails; you always want to make sure that you're using your fingertips versus your nails. If your nails are getting in the way and it's making the task hard to complete, then you can always grab a set of tweezers designed to remove contacts and save yourself a headache.

Before even touching your eyes or your lens, the main thing to remember is to wash your hands to avoid any bacteria entering your eyes. Also, very important to remember, always insert your contacts before applying your makeup, and be careful not to let any makeup fall into your eyes.


So whether you're a pro at handling just about any situation with nails, or you're starting to experiment in sizes to see what works for you, it's an exciting moment to try on different nail lengths and styles to see which one matches your unique personality.

My go-to press on nails is Glamnetic's Long Coffin nails. Every time I wear them, they make me feel powerful and sexy, bringing out a wild side that barely reveals herself. Their nails are so easy to put on and last up to three weeks! Perfect for date nights, and road trips, or even a last-minute emergency where you need to look on point!

The great thing about their press-on nails is that they offer so many different styles and colors to choose from, so I never get bored of trying new ones for every look and occasion. I love how I can feel free to do my everyday tasks and not have to worry about my nails chipping or breaking, especially washing dishes, without worrying about my nails losing their vibrant colors! 

If you've never tried them, you're missing out! Stop wasting time with press-on that only last a couple of days and make the switch; trust me, you won't regret it!


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